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The Kaweco Liliput is...
February 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
The Kaweco Liliput is only 8.3 grams empty and 9.6 grams with ink, it weighs less than four pennies, and about the same as a Pilot Petit1 inked. A thin pen, the section comes in at 8mm and at the widest at 10mm, that being the cap. It has a fairly thin aluminum body, roughly 2x the thickness of a soda can wall, but has proven to be very sturdy. Using Namiki black ink, the extra fine nib is very smooth, as close to buttery smooth as you can get on an extra fine nib. Line width is in the range of 0.5mm. Altogether it is and very well made pen. Side note, the pen does not come with an ink cartridge.
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