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Great Case! The fabric...
April 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great Case!
The fabric and stitching are very good. The zipper works smoothly and does not bind going around the corners. The zipper pull has a snap fastener set into the end and affixes to the binding of the case preventing both unwanted noise and snagging on other things. The interior of the case is finished-out completely. There are no exposed fabric or elastic ends to become frayed out. The covers are stiff and the exterior is padded and feels good when you hold the case.
This case holds a paperback book nicely.
This case holds a smartpen and a small dot-note pad.
The case smells good. Ok, I know this is both a subjective and critical point to make however I really hate the fish-oil smell of "PU" leather and other materials typically used to make cases such as this.
The reason I bought this case was to see if it would serve to hold my game machine.
This case holds a Nintendo 3DS-XL, abet snugly however this contributes to protecting the device, giving it room to slip if you drop the case. Slipping absorbs energy.
There is one problem I have found with this case, if you use the elastic hold-downs to carry items more than half the thickness of the internal space, the elastic positions the larger diameter items directly opposite each other and prevents closing the case. I would like to see the stitching on the elastic staggered with respect to the two sides of the case. This would allow you to carry items such as a flashlight without sacrificing the utility of the elastic in the opposite side. The thicker items would mesh instead of conflict.
I am thinking of removing the stitching from one or more of the elastic bands to allow large objects such as fountain pens and flip note pads.

Thank you JetPens for making this great product available.
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This is my second Metropolitan...
December 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is my second Metropolitan Rollerball. I liked the first one so much I bought another.
That about says it all. I have a personal rule; "If you find something you like, get another before you can no longer"- Myself
(hey, I never said I was eloquent :)
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I bought five of these,...
October 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought five of these, waited for the restock and am delighted with them! The first one I carried with me was instantly snatched up by my aunt, I gladly surrendered it, knowing I have four more for myself Mua-ha-ha!
I am going to try lining one with felt or leather and perhaps try applying a stick-on cover or something as well. Endless opportunities for modification!
They are big enough for anything you may want to carry or store away. Nice!
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I like retro stuff and...
October 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
I like retro stuff and this is about as retro as you can get without resorting to a "real" wooden pencil !
Looks great, feels like a pencil... scared to take it to work for fear someone will try to sharpen it!
I have bought these before...
October 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have bought these before and haven't had any reason to try anything different. Ink seems good, dries quickly and only bleeds through loser woven papers.
I only got to use this...
October 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
I only got to use this pen for a few hours before it went missing!
While I had it, I found the hooded tip to be very resistant to my clumsy fingers touching the ink channel in the nib. I also found the shape comfortable and the cap nice and snug both when carrying the pen capped and when "posted" (learned that word here on Jetpens.com).
The red jewel in the cap reminds me of the old TV series "Stargate SG-1" wherein weapons with a red jewel in the hand grip were known to be "Intar" or weapons that morphed into the form and function needed at the time. (a plot trick allowing the producers to use common "Earth" weapons in a SiFi setting :)
Still, great pen, nice features and a fun side-story to tell friends. Too bad the pen was more interesting to someone else. :/
I will order another when they become available again.
Had I known the Pelle...
May 3, 2014
Had I known the Pelle Leather Journal would go out of production and become unavailable, I would have bought many more of them. Sure, the design is so simple I could make my own version (and I will) but something about the actual Pelle product is worth the purchase. I will miss my Pelle Journal when I run out of inserts... I did have the luck of foresight to buy a few extra inserts. I'm very careful with what I put in them. The leather journal itself will out-live the rest of the supplies and I will be forced to adopt a different product and page layout format.
I would like to thank Jetpens.com for exposing me to this product and encourage them to find a replacement to include in their big giant collection of other great stuff :)
Would Not Change A Thing... O...
May 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
Would Not Change A Thing...
Ok, I would change two things but I'm always finding trouble with things, it's actually my job!
First, this pencil is much nicer in person than the (really good) pictures here on Jetpens make it look.
I was very happy the first moment I had it out of it's box!
I intend this to be a daily-carry pencil, most likely a companion to my Fisher Space Pen and my Ohto Rook.
Now about my proposed changes...
Make the whole thing out of metal. Please, I would pay the extra cost!
Make the lead advance button flush with the end of the body and add a bit to the internals of the cap so it can still advance the lead. For charging the pen, you can unscrew the body to access the reservoir. It holds several leads so you won't have to do this very often.
Other than my two proposed changes, this is the "it" as far as pencils go, you will search through all of Jetpens' offerings and not find a better balance of function, appearance and quality.

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Every Day Carry! I have...
January 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
Every Day Carry!
I have a leather Klein tool pouch. I use it to keep my junk from spreading-out all over the place.
Inside this case are the following;
A Lowepro point-n-shoot camera case, a Rite-In-The-Rain 3x5 card wallet, a small Pelle Leather Journal, one Filed Notes memo book and a medium Moleskine Multipurpose Case.
Why did I tell you all that.
My reason is that all these things are about the same "size" and they cooperate together very well.
The Moleskine case is just flexible enough to get along with the journal and notebook while providing a shape that holds a bunch of pens and other stuff. There are almost too many things in my Moleskine case to list... but I will anyway :)
An Empire Tools 100mm/4" slide caliper
A Pentel Clic Eraser
One small paint brush for chasing dust away from the screen of my phone
A Pilot Pocket brush pen
A touch screen/ball point pen (from Jetpens)
One Uni-ball Pure Malt
A Dr. Grip 4+1
A Tombow highlighter
A Pilot "Down Force"
A "Pilot's Pen" from Amazon. It's a ball point with a flashlight at the writing end.
One green Stad Compass with a mechanical pencil
And last and probably my favorite, and E+M Move pencil!

All this stuff fits in the Moleskine case without any damage to the pens/tools or case.
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First off I would like...
November 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
First off I would like to thank Jetpens for re-stocking the E+M Move, I waited what seemed several months to get one for myself.
A family story starts here so if you wish just skip to the next paragraph.
Before I was born and continuing today, my family has played a little game whenever something gets sent through the mail. Inside a package there is a little wooden mouse. There is only a single mouse so whoever "finds" it in a package is now the keeper of the mouse. After a time, sometimes years, the mouse turns-up in another box someplace else. The mouse is very old. It is wooden, has a leather tail and ears with two hard black beads for eyes. It looks like it's made from the same wood as the E+M Move Zebrano pencil! When I first spotted the E+M Move here on Jetpens' web site, I was immediately distracted from reason.. I had to have one!
The E+M Move is a simple design. There is no eraser and recharging is done through the same opening through which the lead is discharged. Advancing the lead is through twisting the two parts of the pencil, turn the wood and metal for more lead. Sounds almost like alchemy!
You can 'free carry' this pencil in your pocket, but be careful you don't hurt yourself when sitting, the thing is strong and well-built. You won't bend or hurt it but it could wedge it's self such as to give you a good jab. Another warning has to do with when and where you expose the E+M in your possession. People are attracted to this thing like some sort of weird magnet! You won't get much done if your 'Move" is on in public :)
I can't think of anything bad to say about the E+M Move pencil other than it's susceptible to oil stain and other wet dirt. The wood is not sealed so this is not a pencil you would use in the garage or someplace wet. This is not a bad thing as it allows the owner to have other great pencils for these locations.
Thank you E+M and thank you Jetpens!
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