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Reviews Written by spiral.mirror

December 25, 2013
I wish I could give this...
Verified Purchase
I wish I could give this set 10 stars. Pilot does it again with this pen set, and has forever instilled in me a love for the brand and its products. With many gel pen sets, you always have a few pens (usually oranges and pinks) that lay down a light, too-white line that renders the pens unusable on normal white stock paper. Not so with the Maica.

The first thing I did when I got this set was test out the lightest pen colors, particularly Apricot Orange, Baby Pink, and Light Blue. As soon as the pen tips touched paper, however, all of my fears for having three unusable pens were absolved. Not only are these colors usable, they are distinct colors in themselves. Both the Apricot Orange and Baby Pink are softer, warmer colors than their Orange and Pink counterparts. The Light Blue pen was the best surprise. The color is not light at all and is more like a vibrant sky blue hue. This became one of my favorite colors in the set, and I would even purchase this color by itself.

Also, despite the needlepoint, the pen writes incredibly smoothly with no skips or line unevenness, and wow, are the colors super vibrant.

I would recommend this pen to anyone who is looking for a needlepoint pen with vibrant ink. The packaging is a little girly (of which I am not particularly a fan, especially when I use it at work), but the writing experience is so wonderful that this is a very minimal concern for me.

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December 25, 2013
When I first got this...
Verified Purchase
When I first got this pen, I was highly disappointed with the writing experience. It skipped often and would not lay down a straight line without some unevenness. I was going to throw this pen away, which was a shame since the golden pearly body is so beautiful, but decided to give it one last shot after reading reviews about faulty Lamy nibs.

I took it to an FP shop, and after they cleaned out the ink channel and re-aligned the tines...well, now I understand all of the hype behind the Lamy FP. With the exception of some skipping when I start up the pen, this Al-Star provides a smooth, fine writing experience. The aluminum body is surprisingly very light, and I've experienced no writing fatigue after 2 hours of straight writing. I absolutely love the plastic ink cartridge view on the side of the pen because it helps me gauge how much ink I have left--invaluable for when I am traveling!

Overall, this is an excellent FP in a beautiful, feminine color. The JetPens product image provides an excellent representation of the pen's true color, so if you like how the pen looks on the web, you'll like it as well in real life. If you do experience irregular writing and/or skipping, I would recommend taking it to a FP store and see if there are any problems with tine alignment.

Definitely worth the money and more!

September 28, 2013
This is my go-to pen....
Verified Purchase
This is my go-to pen. I recently purchased a number of different fine tip pens, and with the exception of the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica pens, this is my absolute favorite. It's definitely my go-to when writing down notes during meetings and now journaling. The 0.28 fine tip makes my writing more precise and neat. It writes well on Moleskine paper, but it will sometimes rip more delicate paper if you use a lot of pressure in your writing.

Only downside is that despite the fine tip, you do use a lot of ink! I've been using this pen daily for about a week and a half, and already my ink is down to half capacity. I do write a lot of notes, but I wish the pen lasted longer.

Overall, I love this pen, and I am thrilled I can buy ink refills rather than buying a new pen.

September 17, 2013
Beautiful pen with beautiful...
Verified Purchase
Beautiful pen with beautiful ink. The writing is smooth and looks like pencil on paper. This pen is perfect for artists or those who need to write with a very fine line for illustrations. Unfortunately, I bought this pen for writing--mostly journaling or note taking during meetings. The ink is too light for serious note-taking, in my opinion, especially when you want your writing to stand out so you can quickly flip back and forth between pages. I will save this pen and use it for something other than writing.

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September 17, 2013
I recently ordered a...
Verified Purchase
I recently ordered a bunch of thin point pens, and this pen wins the race by a mile. The ink is crisp and bright, even though it's pink. It writes very well on Moleskine paper and does not cause tears or rips. There is absolutely no bleed through. The best part about writing with this pen, though, is how sturdy it feels in my hand. Maybe it's because of the thickness of the body of the pen, but there is no wobbliness at all. LOVE this pen. I'm going to buy all of the colors available for the 0.3 mm tip.

September 17, 2013
Though this pen is very...
Verified Purchase
Though this pen is very pretty, I am not a huge fan of how this pen writes. The ink tip is very wobbly and makes for an overall shaky writing experience. Ink flow, however, is great.

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