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Pilot Automac Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Diamond Silver Body - PILOT HAT-3SR-DS
  The build quality is..., August 24, 2012
The build quality is very good it has good balance and weight. I have only used it for a day now which is why I'm sticking to that which I know. That this is built like a tank yet has a very fine mechanism to extract the lead out mm by tiny mm. it is a lot to pay for a pencil but I think if you write a lot or are a pen or pencil lover like me it is worth it. Well done Pilot.
Staedtler REG Regulator Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - STAEDTLER 92585-03
  I was writing with a..., February 18, 2011
I was writing with a Pilot 0.4 S10 and it was great but I got one of these and now I don't remember where the Pilot is. This pencil is perfect weight and using the Tombow B lead I hardly break any lead. I love this pencil. I am an electrical engineering student so in the last 2 weeks I have put her through her paces and it works like new. I went ahead and got another just in case I misplace it.
Pentel Ain Clic Knock Triangular Eraser with Clip - Metallic Red Body - PENTEL XZE15-MB
  For tight spots this..., February 18, 2011
For tight spots this eraser is hands down the BEST. The triangle is stiff enough but you hardly have to press down just lightly go back and forth and even 2B lead comes right up. For 2 bucks this is my only eraser.
Lamy Accent Matte Finish Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Black Body - LAMY L97APEF
  I had a F. Pen along..., February 18, 2011
I had a F. Pen along time ago, this was my first one since then and I love it. The extra fine is just right it is thin enough for detail in a quick sketch and broad enough to write entire notes in my Physics lecture. NO SKIPPING or SCRATCHING, Outstanding pen.
Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper Pocket Notebook - 5.7" X 3.4" - 21 Lines X 103 Sheets - Blue Accents - KOKUYO NO-GG220PB
  One more thing great..., February 18, 2011
One more thing great for pencil too, I write with a 0.3mm and the paper is so smooth that the lead just melts onto the page, no rip-throughs or breakage.
Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper Pocket Notebook - 5.7" X 3.4" - 21 Lines X 103 Sheets - Blue Accents - KOKUYO NO-GG220PB
  Outstanding paper for..., February 18, 2011
Outstanding paper for a small pocket journal, the best I have found. This paper is the perfect match for my Lamy f. pen, very smooth, pulls the right amount of ink. There is not even shadow on the reverse side with my darkest ink. With 40% off these are a steal!!
Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper Notebook - A5 (5.8" X 8.3") - 28 Lines X 80 Sheets - Blue Accents - KOKUYO NO-GG108B
  These are outstanding,..., February 18, 2011
These are outstanding, the paper quality is superb. My Lamy F. pen writes with perfect feedback from this paper, pulls the right amount of ink. And with the 40% off what a DEAL!!
1 to 7 (of 7 )