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Reviews Written by dontaskjustwonder

August 22, 2007
I don't know why there...
Verified Purchase
I don't know why there aren't a bunch of reviews, 'cause these pens are the best ones I've used so far! I guess they are kind of hard to explain about the texture when you use them, but they can write on glass and plastic! And of course they can write on paper. They do wash off of glass if you use water, and it takes a little time to dry. But it doesn't rub off. The only thing I'm not sure of, is if it comes of with water if you leave it on there for a LONG time. So I wouldn't try that. But otherwise, they are the best pens I've had so far. And the colors are bright, and show up better than I thought they would.

July 16, 2007
This writes so smooth,...
This writes so smooth, almost too smooth. And the writing comes out really slick, as though it never dried. The only down side is that it's hard to tell when the ink DOES dry.

June 12, 2007
These are some of my...
Verified Purchase
These are some of my favorite pens. They're very unique and I don't think I've ever seen anything like them before. They're good for decorating pages in notebooks and fun to write with. The colors make designs look awesome, and I am always thinking of buying more. Where do people come up with these types of pens?

June 12, 2007
I did fit my whole order...
Verified Purchase
I did fit my whole order in this pencil case. It seemed to be spacey to me, and it definetly is easy to store or slip in anywhere. It also is hand sized so it's easy to carry. This was in my very first order, and the best pencil case I have ever had. I wish this brand would make more cases, cause I would buy all of them!!! _._