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Sakura Ball Sign Tiara Glitter Gel Ink Pen - 12 Color Set - SAKURA PGB12T
  Thick line, rich ink-..., June 12, 2011
Thick line, rich ink- not for detail work or writing, but definitely a smooth flowing and SPARKLY pen. The glitter is in adundance, and unlike other glitter pens it's VERY fine so it's shimmer-y instead of giant particles of reflection. I LOVE these pens for doodling, mixed-media work, journaling, and making notes for my art studio. So much fun!
Dong-A Popcorn Puffy Paint Special Liquid Ink Pen - White - DONGA POPCORN WHITE
  This pen is so cool!..., June 12, 2011
This pen is so cool! I do a lot of "dots" in my 3-d work and thought it would be fun to put a spin on those that wasn't puff/3-d paint (which tends to migrate if applied too heavily). This pen is amazing- a tiny bit of ink sort of "pops" like popcorn, creating a bumpy and textural effect. It's not smooth or shiny when heated- instead, it's sort of spongy. It's very hard to describe but a little goes a VERY long way. My daughter played with it for a while and by creating *tiny* dots on a drawing of a dress, the ink gave the appearance of tiny little blossoms when heated. Now I want to order more colors.
Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip Gel Ink Pen - 0.8 mm - White - PENTEL K118-LW
  I ordered this and the..., June 12, 2011
I ordered this and the UniBall Signo- I do a lot of art journaling and mixed media and finding a pen that will write on all surfaces is impossible. While the Pentel is a nice pen, it DOESN'T work on all surfaces very well- I had issues over paint and tape. The Signo was much better for those purposes.

However, I have found a lot of uses for the Pental and do use it regularly. But my "go-to" pen for mixed media, journaling on all surfaces, and scrapbooking is definitely the UniBall.
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