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Reviews Written by john

August 13, 2012
I love this pencil! Having...
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I love this pencil!
Having to turn the pencil has always annoyed me, but I didn't know someone had invented a solution. It's very nice. Line width is consistent, with no lead scratching the paper like when I had to turn the pencil manually.
It feels great in my hand too. I really like the knurled aluminum grip area. The pencil even has a small o-ring near the grip to keep the grip from scratching the table if it is slid across it.
I use the pencil mainly for doing math homework and printing notes for other subjects. The tip rotates at a perfect rate.
There is just the slightest give to the tip of the pencil, and a very slight ticking sound, but no louder than some other mechanical pencils, and about the same loudness as the lead actually writing on the paper. Nothing to worry about, I'm one of those people that hears everything.
I think this is the best pencil I've ever owned. It would make a great instrument for yourself, or a great gift.

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