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This pencil caught my...
April 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pencil caught my eye because of its cunning looks.
-its pure white contrasted by the blue makes it stand out which makes it look good
-its very sturdy and the grip is good for a person who has sweaty hands
-after some use I would clean it for it is white and might turn dark from dust dirt everyday use
-shaking mech. is alright like it comes out from the slightest shake which will kinda annoy me but pretty good its not like other bad shaky pencils where you have to shake it really hard to get the lead out of it.
-the way the pencil works is great.
-writes very smoothly with the vary of the lead your using.
Overall this pencil was great it was worth the wait. I couldn't wait to get it!
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This pen is very good....
April 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pen is very good. Its retractable mechanism is very unique in its small style. The back and front has a good weight to it making it feel comfortable is your hand like its a very different from other pens. I like the smooth retractable part of the pen its not stuffy or like clogged up type of feeling like a good swipe felling. The one flaw is that when you try to open the pen (to refill it or fix) either way you turn the grip it makes this very unpleasant sound like its breaking or rubbing against something hard. Overall the pen is awsome !! It was worth the wait and the buy.
Its a good lead if your...
April 15, 2013
Its a good lead if your into writing a lot of stuff. This lead doesn't run out as well as other lead, so you can write longer in one click of your lead pencil:)
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