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September 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen more than a year ago and really like its weight and balance. Thin pens typically cause fatigue in the forefinger and thumb over prolonged use, but not with this one. But it does have couple of other issues :
1) All needle points are a little scratchy, but this one is a little more scratchy - probably because the needle is a tad bit longer.
2) This needle point tends to gather more paper fibers than other needle points, causing some clogging and ink buildup at the tip. When this happens, a quick wipe of the tip does the trick.

When the original refill ran out, I replaced it with a 0.38 G-Knock refill. It is comparable to the original 0.4mm point, the fit is perfect and the traditional conical tip is stable and smooth. Both the above issues were resolved.

Some other reviewers have asked about refill interchangeability - I can confirm that all Pilot gel refills fit this pen. I have even hacked a Uniball Signo RT refill to fit this pen.

Overall, I like this pen a lot - very elegant and professional looking, yet compact and easy to carry. Do be careful though, when uncapping or recapping the pen - the clearances are really close and any tilt will cause the edge of the cap to scratch the plastic grip on the pen.
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