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You will love this pen!...
September 13, 2013
You will love this pen! The engineering is marvelous, this thing is the Dyson of fountain pens. It can elegantly withstand rigorous work and office abuse, and the perfectly designed clip actually clips onto heavy jean pockets (not just paper thin dress shirt pockets like most pens). The demonstrator look adds to my appreciation of the engineering. It is very solid, and there is no wasted space or unnecessary movement.

Lamy Vista - the ultimate everyday carry, but still looks amazing on a nice desk or fancy notebook
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beautiful navy blue!!...
May 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
beautiful navy blue!! your script will command respect whether your signing crucial documents or just a coffee receipt. I am using this ink in a Waterman Hemisphere and a Waterman Perspective - both medium nibs. I think the wetness is absolutely perfect, drying time is nice and quick compared to Waterman ink. The blotter tape is great too, although not quite large enough for the big mess I make when refilling. I may be hooked on this ink for a long time!
My other pens are all...
May 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
My other pens are all incredibly valuable vintage Waterman and Parker, so I know what an exceptional pen feels like. However I was horrified by the toll that light everyday usage was taking on them, all the little bumps, drops, and scratches were adding up quickly. So when I saw this music print Kaweco Sport on sale, I thought I would take a chance.

This pen is a great everyday carry!! It is very very small, and I love that there is no clip. You just pop it in a pocket, and it disappears. Also it seems to weigh about as much as a staple, even with a full ink cartridge and the cap posted. And yet the construction is rock-solid, and the nib section seems strong enough to open a beer or two. I prefer to write with the cap posted because it becomes that familiar full size once the cap is on. But for extra fine detail unposted is equally comfortable, I'll probably use both equally since I actually got this to write and arrange music!

As for performance, again this Kaweco is great. I have yet to finish my first full cartridge, so I don't know how much it will eventually break in. But from the first stroke it writes very well. I got the FINE nib, which perhaps in German pens is much much finer than others, I'm not sure this is my first Kaweco. It is even finer than my Parker Arrow extra fine. So if you are looking for a wetter stroke, or perhaps a fast writer, get the Medium or even Broad. This pen is very very fine and needle-like, although I am hoping it will loosen up a little over time. I should mention here that I'm using Kaweco sepia ink, which seems to be a little on the thick side. So a wetter ink may make a big difference.

So, I'm not sure how much this one differs from the standard Kaweco Sport, if at all. But I do love this pen. And not to mention the beautiful music print and wonderfully engraved, bright gold nib, which gets me just as many compliments and conversations as a pen costing 15 times as much!

SUMMARY: solid A grade - I bought this for the cute looks and sale price, but I'm so thrilled with the feel and performance that my $200+ "dream pens" can go back in the box where they belong. Now I see why nobody seems to have just one of these little guys, I can't wait to collect more colors and nibs!
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bought one of these on...
October 28, 2012
bought one of these on impulse at the drugstore checkout, don't repeat my mistake!
DO NOT BUY! I picked...
February 18, 2012

I picked up one of these for $4 at my corner drugstore on a whim. I work at a bank and I'm known for appreciating nice pens - and I've been wanting my own fountain pen for some time. When I saw this I was thrilled, I once used a Zebra M-701 for over a year at my old restaurant job and constantly received complements from customers. I thought the V-301 would be a solid pen that I could use at work instead of the ugly ballpoints which fill my teller window.

I didn't expect a $4 fountain to be amazing, but I did expect it to write. I've been fiddling with this thing for the last 2 days and it will not write a complete sentence without going completely dry. I feel like I'm going to cut through the notebook. I've been able to get ink flowing by twisting the ink cartridge, but it only works for a few more letters. This is my first fountain pen, but I've used them before. If there is something I'm doing wrong, or maybe the nib can be adjusted or something, then I'd love to be educated. In the mean time I'll be saving my pennies for a proper pen.
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