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Monteverde Mini Fountain Pen Converter - MONTEVERDE MV31072
  Can't fairly rate this..., September 3, 2014
Can't fairly rate this item because it didn't fit in my Bexley Jitterbug. This is a plunger-type converter, so it's nearly double in length when filled.
Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - White Body - TOMBOW BC-AP21
  I like this pen a lot...., September 17, 2013
I like this pen a lot. Writes reliably without any skipping on any paper I've tried. It does great on a single sheet of paper on a hard surface, which plays havoc with my Jetstream pens (they write like a dream otherwise).

I love how compact it is. I can carry it in a pants pocket without it becoming a nuisance or tearing up my clothes.

I would have rated it a five but for a couple of things:
1) The body of the pen is sort of rubberized, which is fine except that it gets dirty and can't really be wiped clean. My white one looks pretty dingy.
2) The spring seems a little weak on the extend/retract mechanism. I have to keep it extended and ready for eight hours at a time and it seems to be leaving the spring mechanism a little compressed and loose when the pen is retracted.

Finally, and this is my problem not a problem with the pen, it's not at all obvious how how the ink cartridge would be removed and replaced, unless you just yank it out. But I am unwilling to try it on a $10 pen for fear of destroying it . I am sure the folks at JetPens will be happy to instruct me whenever I get around to asking.
Uni Jetstream 4&1 4 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Green Body - UNI MSXE510007.6
  I want to amend my comment..., June 7, 2013
I want to amend my comment about how easily the pen retracts. It does retract a little too easily for my taste, but it does NOT retract when jarred.
Uni Jetstream 4&1 4 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Green Body - UNI MSXE510007.6
  Love this pen. It is..., June 7, 2013
Love this pen. It is everything the other reviewers say it is. Ridiculously smooth writing pen. Wish I'd found jetstream sooner!

I might have given this pen a 4.5 instead of a five for one reason: the pen retracts too easily. The slightest touch or even jarring the pen causes it to retract. Still, it's a really cool pen and I love having all the colors available in a single pen for the work I do.
Stabilo Bionic Worker Roller Ball Pen - 0.3 mm - Green Ink - STABILO 2016-36
  I absolutely love this..., June 3, 2013
I absolutely love this pen. It is true that it lays a somewhat heavier line than expected of a .3mm pen, but it is soooo smooth. I like the slightly hefty size and feel of it and the rubberized case, although if you are one who slips your pens in and out of a shirt pocket frequently, the rubber case will become a nuisance. Great pen. And how often do you get such great pen in interesting colors?
1 to 5 (of 5 )