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Reviews Written by sidcid

November 27, 2011
I think some people reviewing...
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I think some people reviewing this eraser are missing the intended purpose for this tool. This eraser tool works perfectly at removing small areas; it is very precise and erases perfectly with ease. This eraser is fast becoming something I always want to have around. The length of the refill eraser isn't really a good indicator for how long it will last. The areas I'm using it for are small and so far the eraser itself is lasting a lot longer than I expected.

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September 23, 2011
It's a bummer that this...
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It's a bummer that this mechanical pencil has been discontinued. I love JetPens because they offer the best selection of writing tools!! I have a lot (!) of mechanical pencils. They each have their own personality. The Millino, for me, has the most stable/solid feel to it when writing with it. I'm confident that the lead will not break and will give me exactly the amount of control I need when writing with it. It is an excellent 'staple' mechanical pencil. I wish that I'd purchased more than the one : (