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Reviews Written by kaiyounoyume

March 23, 2011
This ink is the bomb!!!...
Verified Purchase
This ink is the bomb!!! It is similar to Indian Ink except it's not as runny. It leaves a fine matte finish. The value of black is richer than Indian Ink but still a bit lighter than Icy Comic's Super Black Ink. However, I prefer Pilot Drafting ink more because it doesn't clog or dry on my pen nibs. I use both Zebra and Tachikawa brand of G-pens and Maru-pens (aka round pens). I would definitely recommend this product to all!

Thank you JetPens for carrying this product in the USA! I love you guys so much because now I don't have to pay international shipping just to get my hands on these sweet stuff!! Keep being awesome! ;v;bbb

*whispers* I'll be sure to buy more~~ *whispers*

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March 23, 2011
I absolutely love this...
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love this eraser! Because it's soft plastic there is barely any eraser dusts! I don't have to keep cleaning my paper when erasing and strain my hands!! Thank you JetPens for having these erasers! *ordered 5 of them* They are the best! _v_bbb