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Uni Jetstream 4&1 4 Color 0.5 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Purple Body - UNI MSXE510005.11
  What can i say? Jetstream..., August 15, 2014
What can i say? Jetstream does have the smoothest ink. My husband makes fun of me for being a "pen nerd" but shut his mouth when he picked up this pen off my desk to use. I get the most compliments on this pen out of all the pens in my collection. One can pick up Jetstreams at local US stores but never in a multi-style like this one!
Uni Jetstream 4&1 4 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Green Body - UNI MSXE510007.6
  I bought this as a gift..., August 15, 2014
I bought this as a gift for my supervisor at work. It's been one of the best things I've ever done. She loves it and loves me for giving it to her.
Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen - 0.25 mm - Midnight Blue Ink - PENTEL BG202-CA
  This is a neat color...., April 18, 2012
This is a neat color. Classy yet spunky at the same time. Too bad I lost mine :(
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Silver Accents - Black Body - PILOT LCA-1SRC4-B
  This is my favorite pen...., April 18, 2012
This is my favorite pen. Nice weight and puts down a thin line. Yes, it skips sometimes but it's other positive's outweigh the negative.
Uni Jetstream 4&1 4 Color 0.5 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Purple Body - UNI MSXE510005.11
  GREAT pen. i've been..., September 14, 2011
GREAT pen. i've been a fan of jetstream for years and bought this on instant viewing. the green is a great green too not so pale that you can't see in so many other green inks. its the envy of many coworkers and i just came online to buy a second one for the boss. yes, my nose is getting brown.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Black - PILOT LHS-20C4-B
  I haven't ordered this..., September 13, 2011
I haven't ordered this yet. I'm a big fan of Hi Tec C and know I would love having a retraceable.
So, how do you order refills?
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 3 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Pink - PILOT LHKC-15C-TP
  i got this and used 3..., August 27, 2011
i got this and used 3 fun colors in 0.3mm cartridges. the barrel is cheaply made and does not stay screwed together properly. i'm hoping its just this one or in my own stupidity have broken it. i just ordered a new one in white that holds 4 colors and the kit of like all the colors cartridge so i can switch them out at my whim. the inks i already know are great and have the fine line i'm looking for in my pens.
1 to 7 (of 7 )