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Reviews Written by vectrexlover

July 2, 2012
Olive Green doesn't fit...
Olive Green doesn't fit the true color of the pen, more like a lime color. Anyways, this pen is not a good choice for notes or writing in general; but the pen is great for circling things like when you're editing some work. For writing I always prefer black ink which stands true for most of the Sarasas. The grip is comfortable and the clip is good. Over all a very exceptional pen.

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July 2, 2012
I find there is almost...
Verified Purchase
I find there is almost nothing wrong with this pen. First of all I like the needle-ish tip which is great in my opinion for gel pens. In my taste, I like the way the pen looks except for the clip which says Slicci and silver around it. The FIRST DAY I got the pen in the mail it started to chip off but hasn't taken anymore damage since then. This pen is ideal for quick jotting anywhere you need to. It's also great for jotting down notes in a hurry since this pen is like the Papermate Profile of Gel pens; very smooth and writes vividly and almost has no white space in the lines. The cap nicely fits on the end and in some cases is more convenient then holding the cap (which is a habit of mine) One of the best gel pens I've used. Highly Recommended!

P.S.- This is the first one I've tried out if all the Pentel Slicci Ink pens and I can imagine the other point sizes and colors (love the sky blue color, really nice) are great, too. Wish they had a retractable version..

May 22, 2012
I personally enjoy this...
I personally enjoy this pencil butthe lead rotation thing doesn't work for me. The sensetivity of the roatator should be stronger. I naturally push lightly on a pencil when in use so the lead rotation gimmick doesn't work for me. The little ring of rubber on the tip of the pencil is perfectly placed due to where I grip the pencil.i also think the eraser on the end should be a bit larger and when I put more lead in the end I have to put in one lead stick at a time!! Overall it fits my hand well and I would though prefer reaching for my papermate megalead 0.7mm pencil.

April 20, 2012
This is one of my first...
This is one of my first choices when I think of affordable exceptional quality pens. the G-2.
The grip is nice and grippy for a start and the pen writes nice smooth thin lines on paper. Laos the pen lasted a very long time yet had much everyday use. This truly showcases some of Pilots most Affordable but high in quality pens.

April 20, 2012
Of course the pen is...
Of course the pen is nice and grippy but I think that the pen is not that smooth on paper compared to most ballpoint pens but everyday I would go for my Zebra instead. This is a bit of the downside of Pilots great pens

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April 20, 2012
PROS displays...


displays a nice thin inky line on paper

usually smooth when in use

Love the plastic-rubber material the body is made out of grips well

Cheap :)


Sometimes the line chooses to write a bit shaky on paper when I try drawing a straight line (and no, I don't have shaky hands)

April 20, 2012
PROS Nice...
Verified Purchase


Nice flow of ink

Perfect for making characters/drawing

I like the glittery blue body

Affordable :)



If you draw a line too fast for the brush it could easily fade as you press on the paper

A bit gritty when you press on paper

Overall worth the affordable price and enjoy using it

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April 20, 2012
I personally love this...
Verified Purchase
I personally love this pen because...


Fits well in hand (good size barrel)

Beautiful design

Writes smooth

Nice bit of weight the pen has

Scratch resistant


Hate the squares for decor on the cap of the pen if scratch by finger nails it feels very weird and uncomfortable

wish it came with more ink

I think this is one of Parker's most exceptional pens and almost perfect in my opinon

April 20, 2012
PROS Fits well in...
Verified Purchase

Fits well in hand

Nice smooth barrel and sleek design

Writes Pretty Smooth on Paper


After the first day I got the pen the surface was already scratched a bit yet I didn't abuse the pen.

A Bit awkward for my hands since I thought the barrel was a bit too large.

Overall this pen is worth the money and is so cute too :)