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Reviews Written by mskunz

May 1, 2013
These are great gel rollerball...
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These are great gel rollerball pens with a fine tip that come in some interesting scents and colors. I chose this set because I wanted the darker berry shades, but I'm finding that I like all five colors and scents. Green tea is kind of sweet and a nice spring green, rosehip tea smells like rose-scented hand cream and is a medium bright pink, rum raisin pie smells mostly like raisins (no idea how they pull that off) but has a true magenta color, black is chocolate brownie (I used to have Sanford Mr. Sketch markers and hated that weird licorice smell), and dark blue is chocolate mint ice cream. The body of each pen has cute pictures of the dessert and is sparkly. The clips are sturdy and you can unscrew the grip to pop in a new cartridge, but I don't think there are scented refills available. I wish there were—these are nice and smooth pens.

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January 18, 2013
A nice soothing color...
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A nice soothing color and surprising amounts of space inside. The lining of the inside has three "compartments" in addition to the general section in the middle. The left and right are pockets, but you can clip pens onto their outsides to get them to stay in a certain place. In the middle back is a wide pen loop big enough for two Lamy Safaris to clip on and be protected from bumps and scratches. There's also a pocket in the front just behind the zipper, but if you don't unzip it all the way, you can essentially create another mini pocket for a USB drive or pencil lead case.

January 18, 2013
Very cute and slightly...
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Very cute and slightly chubby little pen. It's really fun to snap in the cartridge and watch the reservoir fill up before the white tip suddenly turns a bright color. The color of this ink is what I'd call cherry red, not tomato or scarlet.