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Absolutely perfect pencil...
November 18, 2015
Absolutely perfect pencil in every way. Pilot really knows what they are doing when it comes to mechanical pencils.

The good:
-Aesthetically pleasing, with subtle color accents if you choose
-Very ergonomic and easy to write with
-Shaker mechanism is the best on the market
-Grip is perfect shape and good mix between soft and hard
-Pencil weight and balance are optimal
-Eraser is one of the best on a mechanical pencil
-Doesn't break lead very easily

The bad:

For the price this pencil is an absolute must-buy. I would gladly pay $20 for this pencil.
Very disappointed in...
November 18, 2015
Very disappointed in this offering from Zebra. I expected a lot from this premium pencil but unfortunately it didn't deliver. I bought it because it's the only shaker drafting pencil on Jetpens and the build quality looked good in pictures. I was hoping it would become my new favorite pencil but it has several flaws that make it one of my least favorite that I own.

The good:
-Sleek looks
-Click advance mechanism is smooth

The bad:
-Shaker mechanism is poor and unreliable
-Lock feature is useless (more on this below)
-Pencil weight is very tip-heavy and unbalanced
-Slippery grip
-Distance from grip to nib is too long and makes my writing less accurate and therefore messy (although one should have expected a long nib from a drafting pencil)
-Pencil itself is about 1 cm too long compared to other pencils
-Eraser housing is unstable and rotates freely, which makes erasing sloppy and tedious

As for the lock mechanism, I don't see what's the point. The description on Jetpens isn't entirely accurate, since the click lead advance works whether the mechanism is locked or not. So all the locking really does is stop the shaker mechanism, not switch between the mechanisms. The only reason I can imagine that you'd want to lock the shaker feature is so that the pencil doesn't draw lead while bumping around in your school bag. But is that really that much of an issue? I personally see it as a design solution to a non-existent problem, which in most places is called a gimmick. Usually Japanese pen manufacturers put a lot of thought and care into the design and function of each of their products, but Zebra really dropped the ball on this one. I will stick to Pilot for shaker pencils.

1/5 for looks
I am writing this review...
August 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
I am writing this review to discuss how this pencil is at one particular task: doing math. I study a lot of math in my spare time in preparation to eventually go to graduate school for math. I have filled hundreds of notebook pages with equations and calculations over the past several months using a variety of pencils, but I always seem to come back to the Pilot Delful Double Knock pencil.

Being left-handed, it is hard to a find a pencil that is comfortable and forgiving while keeping my work neat. Yet there is something about the weight balance of this pencil that makes it incredibly comfortable to do hours of calculations without any fatigue. I like to hold my pencil very close to the tip and the rubber grip extends farther than most pencils making it comfortable to hold without slipping. I find that my numbers, fraction lines, and symbols come out looking neater with this pencil compared to other pencils, maybe due to its wider grip.

The shaker mechanism is excellent and extends the perfect amount of lead with two shakes. This pencil makes a great combination with a high quality softer lead like 2B or 3B for crisp, dark numbers because the lead is so easy to advance. As for the retractable tip, I don't use this feature often as I just leave the pencil on my desk when not in use, but I imagine it would be useful when taking the pencil with you. I also don't use the traditional lead advance very often, but it's nice to know that there is a backup in case the shaker mechanism fails. But honestly, if that happens I will probably just order a replacement Delful as I like the shaker mechanism so much.

I recommend this pencil to anyone wanting a quality reliable pencil for doing math or physical sciences with lots of pencil and paper calculations involved. I have used the original Uni Kuru Toga, the Kuru Toga Roulette Model, the Pentel Smash, the Alpha Gel HD Shaka, and the Pilot Opt I and Opt II pencils and I keep going back to this one. I love this pencil.

-perfect weight balance (slightly tip-heavy)
-firm rubber grip
-excellent shaker mechanism
-wide body for more comfort
-writes very smoothly
-holds plenty of lead
-good eraser
-very durable
-excellent value for price

-limited color variety (black with orange would be nice)
-the eraser cover is easy to lose
-doesn't love me back
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This is the only ballpoint...
July 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is the only ballpoint pen that can compete with the Jetstream, if not on looks then at least on writing ability. The ink is incredibly smooth and dark, about equal to the Jetstream which, if you know that pen, you know the quality of the ink that Pentel is up against. That being said, they've done a great job in formulating a smooth-writing ballpoint that can compete against Uni-Ball's Jetstream.

However, the pen does feel fairly cheap and the aesthetics are not that great. The grip is also kind of annoying that way it tapers and the way the ridges are part of the plastic casing itself. Nevertheless, it's a very smooth pen so kudos to Pentel for making a great ballpoint that can meet, although not surpass, the Jetstream.
Wow... I am blown away...
July 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
Wow... I am blown away by this pen. It is nearly flawless in every aspect. I am left-handed and I was all over the original Jetstream pens for their smooth writing and no smudging and then got the original 3-colour Jetstream multi-pen about a year ago. When I saw this high-grade multi pen+pencil, I had no choice but to order it and try it for myself. Here is the verdict.

-at 0.7 mm, the Jetstream ink is amazingly smooth and the lines are crisp
-the ink pigments are very vibrant and concentrated
-the blue is a few shades darker than average, which I really like
-matte black finish with silver accents is very clean and professional looking
-barrel width and grip are perfect and suprisingly not too large for a 5-function pen
-the different colour tabs are subtle but still bright enough to switch between colours easily
-the pen is very top-heavy, which lets you write smoothly without applying much pressure
-the clicking/switching mechanism is very satisfying for people who like to obsessively click while sitting and thinking

-the grip likes to attract dust particles, but a quick wipe with a damn cloth will clean them
-the pencil is not world-class, but is good enough for general use. I will still use my Uni-ball Kuru Toga if I need for strictly pencil usage, like doing math equations.
-you might be scared to show it off to your friends and co-workers because they might steal it
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After trying 0.3, 0.4,...
November 19, 2008
Verified Purchase
After trying 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5 mm (I didn't try 0.25 because I knew it would be too thin) I find this pen to be the best. The 0.5 mm line was a bit too thick for me and was similar to a Sarasa, while the 0.3 mm would lose its ink flow once in a while and I would have to shake it a bit. I found the 0.4 mm to be just right, and the Blue-Black ink color is the best. This is going to be the pen that I do all of my work with.
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