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Reviews Written by xxadrenalin

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Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - 7 Color Pack - PILOT 90029
  I tried these pens out..., August 23, 2010
I tried these pens out on Campus note paper and while the colours are very pigmented and vibrant, the ink itself does not dry very quickly compared to other inks I've tried. For the price I suppose this is bearable but I'd prefer an ink formulation which absorbs quicker.
Uni Jetstream Color Ink Series Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm - Orange Ink - UNI SXN15805.4
  This pen is a lot scratchier..., August 8, 2010
This pen is a lot scratchier than the original Jetstream ballpoints as when I'm writing, there's quite a lot of friction. As for the colour, it's quite a lovely apricot orange but doesn't seem very pigmented unlike the darker colours in this series.
Noodler's Ink - Warden's Ink - 3 oz Bottle - Bad Belted Kingfisher - NOODLERS 19062
  Beautiful colour but..., July 31, 2010
Beautiful colour but goes slightly darker once the ink oxidises on paper !
Zebra Airfit Jell Gel Ink Pen with Push Grip - 0.5 mm - Clear Body - ZEBRA JJ9-C
  With the handy clip,..., September 2, 2009
With the handy clip, I take this pen everywhere since it hooks nicely onto my jacket ! Very smooth pen, comfortable to write with, though I personally prefer thinner pens. The ink is also nice & strong. I get a lot of compliments on my hand writing when I write with this pen. Thanks to my cousin for recommending this pen !
Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen with Ergo Grip - Extra Fine Nib - Black Body - PILOT P-FP-50R-B-EF
  The stylish and sleek..., July 3, 2009
The stylish and sleek design as well as its affordable price was what got me to purchasing this fountain pen. After my travels in France and testing out a myriad of different fountain pens, this one isn't too bad, but it's not too good either, at least to write with on a daily basis. It's quite scratchy on paper and is not very smooth but at $7.50 price it's a good buy, especially with the extra fine nib which can be useful when writing in asian characters ! (
Lamy ABC Fountain Pen - Blue Grip - LAMY L09M
  This is probably one..., July 3, 2009
This is probably one of the smoothest fountain pens I have ever written with ! Even smoother than the the Safari model, which makes it ideal for everyday writing, especially for those who write quickly as it is not scratchy AT ALL like I've found many of the pilot fountain pens to be. I can see why Lamy is marketing this to younger writers because it seems pretty sturdy and is at a reasonable price. A really great fountain pen that anyone would be lucky to have as their first. (
Apica Side Margin Twin Ring Notebook - B5 - 6.5 mm Rule - 34 Lines X 30 Sheets - Red Rings - Pack of 10 - APICA SW106RN
  One of the best notebooks..., June 5, 2009
One of the best notebooks I've ever written in. The binder rings are thin so they don't really get in the way of your handwriting. Plus the margins are really useful for notes which is why I use these for my summaries before going into an exam !

It's great that JetPens are stocking since they're so difficult to find, especially in Australia ! (The only thing that would prevent me from buying again is the shipping costs !)
Apica Official Notepad - B5 - 7 mm Rule - 30 Lines X 30 Sheets - Green Accents - Pack of 5 - APICA 6A3FX5
  Apica notepads are just..., June 5, 2009
Apica notepads are just wonderful. The paper quality is excellent and with the strong taped binding, it holds together really well and is not as flimsy as it looks.
Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Blue Black Ink - PENTEL BG204-CA
  These slicci pens are..., June 2, 2009
These slicci pens are by far my favourite gel ink pen plus this particular colour is great and my preferred default colour when it comes to writing notes, essays etc ! I've bought a whole bunch of these & will be using them for a long time to come :-D
Pentel Sliccies Gel Ink Multi Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Black Blue - PENTEL XBGRN4CA
  Perfect colour for writing..., May 19, 2009
Perfect colour for writing ! Unfortunately the ink runs out very quickly :-/
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