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Reviews Written by eclairebelle

January 8, 2013
This is an amazing pen!...
Verified Purchase
This is an amazing pen! I just love the design of it. Usually I love lighter pens but the design and ink flow of it is worth the weight of the pen. It's not too heavy just heavier than I usually prefer. What I love is that I can switch out the ink with Pilot's G-2 Gel Ink replacements just fine. Although because the ink refills are a 0.7 and the pen hole is a 0.5 the point sits a little under the hole it comes out of, but is fine because the writing tip is out and usable. I switched my pen ink with Turquoise Ink from Pilot's G-2 Gel Ink Pens only because I prefer that colored ink over black. The black ink that it came with is amazingly smooth and will be getting use out of after I finish the turquoise ink.

December 24, 2012
This has become my favorite...
Verified Purchase
This has become my favorite pencil in the world. It's incredibly comfortable to draw with because of the nice and squishy gel grip and it's an awesome color. It's also nice and light. I highly recommend it.

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