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Erasing just got a lot...
June 25, 2015
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Erasing just got a lot more fun with this cool car! It picks up eraser dust very well too. One star knocked off because the wheels pick up the pencil marks if you run the car over the pencil marks. I get around this by shaking the eraser dust off of the paper, which is a minor inconvenience. Overall, a fantastic product for this erasing fiend who hates eraser dust.
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i have always been a...
March 29, 2007
i have always been a highlighter freak; my school notes are always color coded using different colored highlighters. =) the spotlighter is great because the ink comes out smooth and bright. but the best feature of this highlighter is that the tip really doesn't seem to chisel! i hated how other highlighter tips would get fuzzy after about 50% use. my spotlighters are nearing the end of their lifespan but their tips are still nice and sharp, so i get bright, crisp clean lines...just the way this highlighter freak likes it!
this is fun stuff. since...
March 29, 2007
this is fun stuff. since it doesn't have a dispenser, i've just been cutting it with scissors and it works fine. the possibilities seem endless...i've used it to decorate plain tissue paper for a gift, seal envelopes, and decorate letters with. can't wait to use it on some scrapbooking or cardmaking one of these days!
this is my favorite gel...
March 29, 2007
this is my favorite gel pen. the barrel is nice and sturdy, and the octagonal shape helps keep the pen from slipping/rotating while you write. the ink comes out super smooth, even when there is only a little ink left...this pen ink has yet to skip on me. the ink itself lasts for a good amount of time; i started a new one to write 200 thank you cards with and am STILL using the same pen. amazing!
this pen is a great fine-tippe...
November 3, 2005
this pen is a great fine-tipped (~0.7mm, i'm guessing) ballpoint! the rubber barrel gives a little bit of cushion to make writing more comfortable. the barrel diameter itself is fatter than that of the hi-tec-c's, so this is a good option if you like fatter barrels. the whole pen is super sturdy, which adds to the ease of writing control. the ink flow is super smooth and fine-tipped, and the blue ink comes out pretty dark really easily. buy it soon since it's limited!!
this eraser is AWESOME...
October 13, 2005
this eraser is AWESOME all around. it looks so super cool that it just makes me want to use it more...it's fun to play with in class when you're bored. having so many different corners to choose from is also a wonderful thing for those hard-to-erase pencil marks. the eraser quality itself is the best - erases cleanly without smudging, and the eraser crud also seems to clump together so you don't have a huge mess. i highly recommend the kadokeshi eraser!
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