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True the ink of this...
September 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
True the ink of this Posca pen is a little thin. but it allows for layering. Since I know how this pen acts I love it. the attributes allow for some very cool techniques that can't be accomplished with other paint pens I've used. Also it doesnt smell and allows you to layer without pulling up the line you just layed down. if you are looking for a white pen try this. If you are expecting white paint try a tube and a brush.
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I would have given this...
September 15, 2011
I would have given this kit a 1 star if it wasn't for the case. The case is awesome! the brush is terrible and the paints are very, very, very bad. The paints all granulate exactly the same. This doesn't allow for any texture. If you go into this purchase just trying to get an inexpensive pallet you can convert with new paints then you will be happy. If you go into this purchase thinking you are going to be able to use this set for more than quick sketches than you will be very disappointed. Koi's watercolors are not professional grade.
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