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Perfect! There isn't...
December 12, 2012
Verified Purchase

There isn't much to say... just take 3 great jetstream inks (Black, Blue, Red) and throw them in a pen that is basically a slightly larger .7 Basic series body. It is very comfortable in my small hand for being a multipen (about the thickness of the barrel (middle) of a sharpie marker ~1.5in circumference). It probably won't be a dedicated writer (still a bit too big), but for 'on the go' it looks, feels, and writes nice. It's not as nice or functional as the 4+1, but it is 'thin' enough for me to use at home in place of the individual color pens for short periods. For MOST people('s hands), it could easily be an everyday pen.

I love the basic series look with the pen ink indicator in the plunger and nothing else. So much so that I put a .5 refill in a .7 basic body and put a red dot on it to label it as the one with the .5 in it. So this was great because it was the .5 inks, all in one pen, inside the minimalist Basic body.

The only thing.. and I don't know why.. Is that the top is loose. It wobbles a little which is bad because it is attached to the clip, so I know I'm going to get in the habit of playing with it like a loose tooth and (eventually) breaking it. Maybe it is taken from another Uni pen that has a pencil? But for this pen it doesn't have a purpose and I'll probably end up supergluing it tight. It also gives it the impression of it being a cheap pen (well it is.. but so is the Basic, which is perfect), even though the rest of it is solid.
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This pen writes very...
October 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
This pen writes very nice.. however, that's about it..

The plastic is brittle, and since the cap is stopped by the width of the barrel, this has already cracked as others have pointed out. It looks like the inner lining doubles to catch the end without having it wedged tight, but it doesn't. Also, be careful with the refill feature, I barely screwed the bottom to the top, and I can't get it off with normal force, I'm afraid I'll hear a crack if I pry harder...

And yes, the ink is pink.. well.. not really. The ink is red, a nice red, but the pen is too wet. Writing gives you a diluted red, or a 'pink'. If you trace over it about a minute per trace, you will have a nice red line in 3 minutes. Try and rush it, and the drenched paper rolls onto the pen. Does the same thing from cheap .50 per 500 school notebook paper to maruman. Same if you try and draw a filled in circle and aren't perfect. Not worth the hassle. Still looks nice, but I have no use for a pink writing pen.

I tried drying it out, but no use. Still wet and pink. I've been using it for useless things like sign in sheets for students...

Writing - uneven color
Drawing, not so great if you plan on going over the same place twice.
Feels really nice on the paper, until you go over a spot and can feel it dragging.

Could be very good with another brand ink, but I'm not sure..
Very nice pen, good lines,...
September 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Very nice pen, good lines, nice look and feel, and a very satisfying 'click'. This thing is more like a .1mm line, which is great. I always keep this with me in case I need a fine line. And it writes well as an everyday pen too, unlike the .05mm and .1mm Staedler pigment pens which I'm afraid to write at full speed with. Great pen.

irrelevant.. but ... I like this pen when I'm stressed out and alone. I like the clickyness.
A wonderfully cheap and...
September 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
A wonderfully cheap and basic pen.

These things are my it pen. Bold dark lines, nice grip, stands out on notes and post its. Feels good and writes good. Got one here to try it out and loved it. Bought a 5 pack at a store around here on the cheap as well. Because of the price, and because I don't have to order online if I need more, I carry these around daily. I like them enough to use, but they are replaceable enough to actually let someone else borrow it. Really nice pens that I won't lose sleep over losing.
Love these things. The...
September 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Love these things. The look is a little drab, but it writes very nice and I love the small sizes I can get with this. Water resistant, fade resistant, and good for drawing lines since it has the sleeve like a drafting pencil. The .7 Jetstream has relegated this to 2nd string, but it's still an amazing pen and should be a staple in anyone's collection.
Writes very well, but...
September 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Writes very well, but has some issues..

This is a very nice pen that a lot of people will like. It has nice ink flow and dark bold lines. It is 'extra fine', but it really is somewhere between a fine and medium unless you are drawing and use quick strokes. For the amount of ink it puts out, it dries quickly. Seems like it would be a great artists' pen as well. It is a great pen for a second...

One minor thing, one major. It looks cheap. Cheap like the 50 cent pens. And it feels cheap. There is no grip; it's the slickest thing I've ever written with. The 'grip' is a pattern of textured ovals.. which.. I almost believe make the pen slicker! Non sweaty, dry weather conditions, and I'm adjusting my grip every line. I like the output of this pen, but couldn't imagine it in heavy use. Maybe a dedicated doodling or document markup pen, but nothing significant.
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Pretty nice highlighter... ...
September 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Pretty nice highlighter...

I'm really not a fan of capped anything, so I buy the capless (knock) when I can. This highlighter isn't as bright as something like the Stanford Accent , But still a nice color. Unlike the Accent, it doesn't smear, so that is a plus. Looks very nice (as a nice as a highlighter can look), a clean translucent white with the color clip and push mechanism. Speaking of.. the push mechanism feels a teeny bit too long, as you have to push it a full inch to open the pen.. it just feels awkward.

The highlighter also has a very hard tip, so if you are careful, you can get very nice wide lines. And write something fairly thin if you need to make a note (no need for a dual tip or separate pen). But if you ever just want to use this as a marker for a bored doodle, it will squeak. Even though ink flow is fine, it sometimes gives off that dry tip feel when it glides across the paper.

Overall... I like this highlighter and will use it as my #1, but when it comes time to get another, I may explore other options.
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