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Reviews Written by allymarie

June 5, 2014
I love these pencils!!...
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I love these pencils!! These pencils are perfect for anyone who enjoys doing pic-a-pix, griddlers, hanjie, logic art, or whatever you prefer to call these puzzles. They lay down a nice solid patch of color, but do erase if you make a mistake. It's very difficult to find a good erasable colored pencil, and these Pilot Color Eno pencils are the best I've found! Plus, I like the fact that I always have a sharp point to color in all those small squares. I just wish they came in more colors like brown.

April 18, 2013
I have quite a few varieties...
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I have quite a few varieties of the Frixion pens and this is one of my favorites! This slim version is perfect for writing in smaller spaces while still producing a nice solid line. I hope that blue ink refills will be available soon!

March 18, 2013
I am addicted to the...
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I am addicted to the Frixion line of pens and this new slim version is no exception! These pens are excellent for anyone who enjoys doing puzzles (logic, sudoku, crossword....) It produces a very thin, crisp line and erases just as well as the other Frixion pens.

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