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These pens are some of...
October 12, 2011
These pens are some of the few that you can actually see the difference in the sizes. The nib is hard and durable and the ink is very black. To refill them is a snap with no messy ink all over your hands. Just pop out the old and pop in the new. You can even change nibs when you think yours is getting mushy. Be prepared, it takes awhile to wear one down. All around they're great for writing, filling in space, zentangles, drawing and your occasional doodle. N from Baltimore
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You can't beat a Lamy...
October 12, 2011
You can't beat a Lamy fountain pen. It has the most comfortable grip for calligraphy and every day writing. If you use the converter, you never run out of ink, but don't worry. Using the cartridges is no problem because the ink in them is every bit as black as your best fountain pen ink. I was writing a check out at a shop and the clerk noticed the pen. He's a self professed pen-aholic and couldn't take his eyes of it. When I let him give it a spin, he immediately asked for your web site. In addition to the comfortable grip, multitude of colors, you can buy one inexpensively or upgrade a little and they're still reasonable. And I've had them for years and never has one leaked or spit on me. One of the best pens on the market for my money and my handwritng.
Neena for Baltimore
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I have purchased these...
October 12, 2011
Verified Purchase
I have purchased these pens in the past and thought they were made in the states, there was no Japanese writing on them. The pen I purchased was a disappointment in general but it was the best I could find in white. My husband went to your site and ordered the box set for me. It may be my imagination, but these pens write better. In fact, they are the whitest pens on the market. In addition, they seem to have more ink then their counterpart. They're astonishing. I just ordered my second box. I won't use any other. Neena.
I was happy to see that...
October 12, 2011
I was happy to see that you carried the linemaker pens. I love them. They write beautifully on a wide variety of surfaces. I just recently bought 3 of these pens at a local art store and was amazed at the price you sell yours. I paid $25.00 a piece for mine. I just recently misplaced my 0.5mm and can't live without it. When I saw your price of just $13.50 I had to pruchase one and another one in case I lose the first. Thank you for your reasonable prices, great selections, and incredible fast shipping. Neena Alter
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