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Reviews Written by aurora.cruz

November 25, 2012
Oh dear. I really wanted...
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Oh dear. I really wanted these to work out! Unfortunately, the ink is WAY too dark and, while it does erase completely, it smudges my laser-printer book's print so badly, I can't read the text. I tested it on several printer works and it's all the same. The color goes away, but the black ink rubs off and smudges terribly. Can't use these at all. Bummer.

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November 25, 2012
These pens are ULTRA...
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These pens are ULTRA smooth. The pen looks nice and feels good in the hand. They erase well, especially on good quality paper (magazine paper warps slightly). The colors are ok, but a bit washed out. I can barely tell the difference between orange and red, and the black/blue-black/blue pens are VERY subtle variations. I'm using these pens to write in test-prep books and they work great, but I can only really assign 6/10 colors to different resources, because there's no way I'd be able to tell the difference between blue and blue-black or red and orange notes side by side written in a book. So... I'm addicted enough that I don't want to wait for a return/reorder, but if I were to do it again, I'd only order the colors I need and save myself $13.

Oh, and the ink WILL disappear in very hot conditions, but my test sheet (placed under a hair dryer) came back to near-normal when placed in the freezer. Totally legible, though a little lighter. That's good enough for me. For archival purposes, these pens are not a great idea, but this is perfect for my book annotations, day planner, etc. FYI: friction-erased bits don't come back in the freezer.

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