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Reviews Written by crc_05

March 11, 2014
For a pen as needle-nosed...
Verified Purchase
For a pen as needle-nosed as this one, the writing is as smooth as it's gonna get. I love it -- the RT1 is a big improvement over the old RT. Much smoother. Now I want to order the 0.28mm to see how an even smaller tip feels. As for the rattling, yes, it might be annoying to some people. For me, though, I like it ... and the sound that the clicky makes when you deploy the pen is a nice sound, as such things go.

February 1, 2014
This is the best-writing...
Verified Purchase
This is the best-writing refill that I have found. And it's the same dimensions as the Pilot G2 refill. So it fits any pen body that the G2 fits -- but it writes a LOT better than the G2. Also, the price is a bargain.

January 19, 2014
A richly saturated true...
Verified Purchase
A richly saturated true ORANGE color. If you want smooth-writing orange ink, get this pen. I've been using these Morning Glory pens for a few years. They write just as well as the Hi-Tec-C or Signo pens, and these things LAST and last. These pens should get more love than they do ... once you get past the corny name (Morning Glory, heh) you've got a seriously good pen in your hand. And did I mention that this particular orange color is beautiful?

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