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Reviews Written by carla

August 24, 2010
I really love hi-tec...
I really love hi-tec fine pens, but this colour is really too normal, every purple pen has this same colour, they should do a cuter and lighter purple, just like the colour of the uni-ball signo angelic colours purple. But it's a really good pen. 90% recomended!

Thank you, Jet pens!

August 17, 2010
I was disapointed with...
I was disapointed with the blue one and the red one... But the others are very cute, my favorite is the pink. These are the best metallic pens i have ever seen!
I love you JetPens!

August 1, 2010
I forgot to say that...
Verified Purchase
I forgot to say that they are smaller than they look like in the picture, but they erase very well and the white pieces of the rubber remained white even after I erased a whole page with her.

But the ice cream with chocolate icing didn't come with a chocolate icing, but a strawberry icing, so now it's pink! Much better!

July 13, 2010
Restock please! I really...
Restock please!
I really need all the angelic colors!!

July 13, 2010
I looveee this fine pen...
Verified Purchase
I looveee this fine pen with beatiful colors!
They are so small and cute!!

July 3, 2010
These erases era soooo...
Verified Purchase
These erases era soooo cute!

July 1, 2010
This is the most spetacular...
Verified Purchase
This is the most spetacular pen i could ever dream about...

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