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Reviews Written by phil.regier

February 19, 2012
So long as you are careful...
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So long as you are careful and patient, this pencil component is easily refilled and reconfigured. Better yet, now there are style/fit bodies with erasers, so you can advance the lead from any slot. Presumably this means you can now install several in the same body. The only problem is a little noise while writing, but that is the fault of the body, not this component.

February 10, 2012
A bit messy, but completely...
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A bit messy, but completely worth it; the mechanism is smooth and the resulting point is marvelous. I can see why the entire shipment JetPens stocked just a few weeks ago is already almost gone. :)

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October 15, 2011
My briefcase has a false...
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My briefcase has a false "belt" strap and no pen pockets; however this case's snap design allows the whole thing to clip around the side strap *perfectly*. The zippers can be a bit slippery to fumble with when you don't have both hands free, but this is a fantastically useful case nonetheless.