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I love this pen. It's...
May 1, 2012
I love this pen. It's my first real fountain pen, the nib is extra fine and with the Diamine blue-black ink it wrote beautifully. I have no scratching, even when it runs dry, it looks straight and loverly, and the best thing for me is that it's the width of a normal pen instead of these typical wide-bodies, which is great for my small hands. I never bothered with the cartridges, went right to the converter and with a charge of a more permanent ink, it's my daily driver for office work.

I also really liked the case it came in and I put the loverly sticker Jetpens sent with my order on the top of the case (had to slice it down the middle, sorry) and I think it looks pretty cool. I'll definitely be looking at Lamy for my next pen and possibly as a gift for others. I'm really pleased with this pen.
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