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Reviews Written by dolces

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Pentel Tradio Pulaman Fountain Pen - Black Body - Black Ink - PENTEL TRJ50-A
  This pen truly baffles..., July 16, 2010
This pen truly baffles me. I absolutely hate it. I have tried to pull it back out several times to see if there is something that I'm missing that other love about it, and still it always comes up way short. It, my opinion, highly overrated. The expressive line that you get from almost a non factor at best.

It also has a weird feeling when you write with it and the tip to paper sensation on this one just feels wrong.
Pilot Pocket Brush Pen - Soft - PILOT P-SV-30KS-B
  Not a bad pen for larger..., July 16, 2010
Not a bad pen for larger scale sketches or for quick sketches at a comic con or something of that nature. Nice juicy line and pretty nice control. A pleasant surprise from Pilot. A little too thick though for any intricate detail in my experiences with it.
Uni Kuru Toga High Grade Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Body - UNI M510121P.33
  This is the ONLY pencil..., July 16, 2010
This is the ONLY pencil I use in my traditional sketches.....If it has any flaw, might be the tiny eraser,....but other than is my go to pencil. The .5mm beats the .3 due to the brittleness I found with the thinner lead.

I love the fact that now I don't have to click nearly as often (barely at all) anymore to adjust the lead

GREAT pencil....
Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen - Hard - Blue Body - TOMBOW GCD-111
  I tried both of these..., April 23, 2010
I tried both of these pens and they were way too dry for my taste. I did not like them at all! I ended up tossing them out within a week.
Kuretake Tegami Refillable Letter Pen - Super Fine Lettering Tip - Black Body - KURETAKE ER186-010
  Anyone know if the ink..., April 19, 2010
Anyone know if the ink is waterproof or smear proof?
Pilot Envelope Address Writing Gel Ink Pen - Broad - PILOT MNA-12MB
  At first test on regular..., April 19, 2010
At first test on regular paper,...this pen seemed to blotch in every stroke. It took about 30 seconds to dry,..but writes super smooth. Like writing on glass. Not sure if I like this pen due to the blotching issue with every quick pen stroke. I will test on better paper next week.
Uni Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.3 mm - Blue Body - UNI M34501P.33
  Although the point does..., December 30, 2009
Although the point does remain crisp,....the lead broke constantly even with light pressure.
Very disappointed. Maybe the next size lead will be better?
Pilot Pocket Brush Pen - Hard - PILOT P-SV-30KK-B
  The pen seems to be a..., December 30, 2009
The pen seems to be a bit too dry for my taste. With a fast stroke, it tends to fade quickly at the end. It is still a decent pen though.
Uni Pocket Brush Pen - Fine - UNI PFK304.24
  I've tried countless..., March 22, 2009
I've tried countless numbers of brush pens and actual sable traditional ink brushes for my cartooning,..and this little beauty has them all beat by a mile!! The rubbery type of tip offers control yet flexibility for an amazing result! Thick to thin lines are no longer an issue and no more spilled ink bottles or dried out bristles! What a pen! Congrats to Uni-ball for such a fine cartooning tool!!
1 to 9 (of 9 )