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I LOVE this pencil...
March 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
I LOVE this pencil case!! I am addicted to collecting writing instruments, so this is the absolute perfect pencil case for me and whoever else wants an inexpensive and high quality pencil case. The materials and workmanship on this are absolutely amazing! I do not know what the body of this case is made of, but it seriously feels like a seatbelt. Also, the stitching is awesome. I can fit in this pencil case:
1 uni ball kuru toga
1 pilot dr. grip pencil
1 zebra arbez pencil
1 staedtler 925 drafting pencil
1 papermate clearpoint
1 uni ball power tank
1 pilot dr. grip pen
2 uni ball signos
1 zebra arbez pen
1 faber castell 711
1 pny flash drive
1 SDI mini block eraser
1 ain black mini block eraser
1 set of post it tabs
1 120 pc. container of penrote lead
1 40 pc. container of pentel ain lead
3 double sided tombow highlighters
1 tombow mono correction tape/eraser
1 hinodewashi long eraser
1 sheffield 15 cm. ruler
1 refill eraser set for pilot dr. grip
GET THIS CASE!! I highly reccomend it!!
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WOW! I'm surprised...
March 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
WOW! I'm surprised that no one has written a reveiw on this yet! First of all, this completely exceeded my expectations. The transition when pressing the white out from the mechanism is extremely smooth. There is no scraping, scratching, or rubbing. The white out is also very effective and sticks to the paper well. The eraser is also very high quality. Overall, you will have no regrets if you buy this amazing product!
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