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Reviews Written by gtrplyraj

December 5, 2014
While I like their black...
Verified Purchase
While I like their black refill, this green ink is underwhelming. Lamy Safari EF nib and I find the color to be quite light (some people may like that, it won't produce a truly deep dark line) but it gets two stars because it has a very dry flow. Perhaps the performance is better with wider nibs but I'll be avoiding Monteverde in the future I think.

November 30, 2014
As a guy, I feel like...
Verified Purchase
As a guy, I feel like this item isn't entirely marketed towards me but I purchased it as a small utility knife and I'm quite pleased with it. I use it to open envelopes, to trim shipping labels, and other misc office tasks where fishing for scissors or a box cutter would simply be overkill. Also very useful for cutting pages out of spiral notebooks without perforations. The blade is best suited for cutting through 1-2 layers of standard writing/printer paper; in other words the blade is even tinier than the product photos would lead on, not a bad thing though.

November 30, 2014
Writing with a Lamy Safari,...
Verified Purchase
Writing with a Lamy Safari, EF nib. The color is solid black, the EF nib doesn't show any deficiencies in flow or color quality. Writes smoothly and dries about as fast as any other ink I've used. While I've moved to using green ink in a converted, I have a few of these cartridges in my pen case if the situation arises where I need a refill on the go.

November 27, 2014
Looking on a color calibrated...
Verified Purchase
Looking on a color calibrated monitor and the color swab is surprisingly accurate, perhaps it leans a little bit more on the cool side for me to consider it neutral.

Writing with a Lamy Safari, EF nib, and the ink flows well. Not too wet but not too dry either.

A solid ink.

January 6, 2013
This is my first entry...
Verified Purchase
This is my first entry into fountain pens. I did have some experience with dip pens in college, so writing with a nib wasn't totally foreign, but these days my pens of choice have been the Uniball 207s gels and Vision Micro rollers.

The pen is extremely handsome. The plastic body is thick and feels very rugged while remaining quite light. The pen does, however, feel ever so slightly unbalanced with the cap posted on the back. The EF tip doesn't give a lot of variation in line width, so on paper (with a blue-black Monteverde cartridge) gives a very similar look to a Uniball Vision Micro black. The nib, out of the box, gave a very smooth writing experience... didn't have to deal with a break-in period.

I do have to say that using a fountain pen in meetings with clients has become a conversation starter. I enjoy not only the writing experience, but the psychological effect it seems to hold on people around me when I use it.

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