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Two important notes about...
November 9, 2012
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Two important notes about the VS-01 standing case "Beige".


The fabric has a metallic reflection to it. In normal light it looks much more gold then it does beige (or canvas, which is what I was thinking it was going to be). As a result, I would describe it as having the look of a "woman's accessory" and it might cause you to get some some wierd looks if your a guy. I'm planning on passing mine on and buying a black case to replace it.


The zipper is one piece (its a big "U", not two separate halves) and is closed when the pull is at the top of the case (which is the bottom of the "U", so to speak). That means if you have loose pens they bump up on the opening between the pull and the "U" of the zipper and can slowly work the case open, if shaken around enough.

With all that said, I still like the case, and am planing on buying a black one.
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