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I just got my Pilot 78g...
July 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
I just got my Pilot 78g F nib and have tested it on all sorts of paper,
with an ink I trust (Diamine Oxblood).
On all papers, the pen performed beautifully laying down a extra, extra fine line with little pressure.
For example, on rough sketching paper the Lamy EF nibs are really skratchy and tend to skip,
but the 78g was smooth and had no problems skipping.
On fine quality Rhodia paper, the line was even finer!
It wrote soooo smoothly too!
I have about 6 Lamy Safari EF pens and the Pilot 78g is not only finer than all of them,
but writes smoother too.
I love the look of the Sarafi and the colors,
but in terms of writing ability the 78g outperforms them all.
Of course, the Pilot 78g feels much cheaper and lighter than the Safari\'s but it\'s half the price.
I highly recommend these pens, especially for students (e.g. in note-taking, thin line = fast drying time)
and for mathematics.
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I'm extremely happy with...
July 24, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm extremely happy with this case.
I got mine with red straps with a red interior with the white polka dots
(although, I was hoping for the black polka dots as another reviewer mentioned).
As another reviewer mentioned, the color isn't nearly as dark as the pictures show,
rather it looks more tan.
No problem,
I had already anticipated this.
Once I got mine,
I put to coats of brown shoe polish and let it dry in the sun for a few hours.
This darkened the tone substantially and it made the material shine and look sophisticated.
I should mention that the red stitching on the outside was colored brown (which I prefer).
Also, following another reviewers' advice I removed the tag.
Although it took a bit of work (about 10 minutes), I am really happy with this case.
I had this pen for about...
July 16, 2011
Verified Purchase
I had this pen for about a month. I liked it at the old $, but at the new price I don\'t think I\'d buy it again.
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I've only had this pencil...
April 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
I've only had this pencil for a few days,
but I am already absolutely in love with it!
At fifteen dollars, and perhaps having a previous reviewer's comment in mind,
I thought this pencil would look and feel cheap in person.
However, what I experienced is that the pencil feels great
and vastly more expensive than the asking price.
Moreover, I think it has plenty of weight to it.
I must admit that when I received it, I kept checking the label disbelievingly
to see if they sent me the 600 or 800 by mistake because the material feels like metal.
In terms of design, the rotring series is unparalleled.
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I really like this ink....
January 21, 2011
I really like this ink. It performs excellent on all the papers I have tried it on, from cheap printer paper to decent Staples yellow docket paper to nice Japanese notebooks. In my tests, it never feathered but, on my Lamy Safari EF, there was a tiny amount of ink creeping onto the nib. Seeing that I never touch the nib while writing, the nib creep isn't a bother for me.

Now to describe the color. I find the color shown on the box to be pretty accurate of how this ink write on white paper, although the ink is a tiny bit darker in hue. To some, it might not be dark enough, which is most likely why Lamy also offers a blue-black option.
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This is an interesting...
January 21, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is an interesting color. I have tested it out on many different papers and it performs well on all semi-descent to decent papers, with no feathering. Also, on my Lamy Safari EF, there is no ink creeping onto the nib like other inks do on this pen (for example, Lamy blue).

Now to describe the color. This is certainly not red, and loosely in the red hues at that. The range of colors I see, while testing on different paper colors ranging from extra white to off-white to yellow, varies from a light, bright highlighter pink to an orange-ish-pink. Personally, I love this color and am quite exited to use it on yellow docket pads for my work (math). However, I think this is highly subjective and can understand if people are upset with Lamy with misnaming their ink 'red.'

I would rate this a 5 but, seeing as there is no indication from Lamy that this is not a true red, I will take off one point.
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If the definition of...
January 20, 2011
If the definition of a pen is to write with ink, then the Ohto Tasche is not a pen.

After a week of trying to get this pen to write a line, I gave up. Although ink does flow (erratically, at best), the only way I could get this pen to write is by applying lots of pressure, making the nib dig into the pager. This was even more uncomfortable than using a cheap bic ball point. I tested this pen with the Ohto black and blue-black cartridges on various paper types and qualities (from 100g printer paper to japanese notebooks) with the same crappy results.

I also bought the Ohto Fine fountain pen at the same time, and had the same problems (although, the Fine was even worse!).

Maybe I'm a poor fool that received two unusable Ohto pens at the same time. Sorry, never buying Ohto again.
This pen was garbage....
January 20, 2011
This pen was garbage. Usually, I am a bit more reserved with my adjectives, however, seeing as that's where this pen eventually ended up-- after a week of trying to make it write--it is quite fitting. I bought this pen with the Ohto blue-black ink cartridges and was never able to write a full letter, forget even a word!

I have subsequently bought at Lamy Safari with an extra fine nib and couldn't be happier.
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