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Reviews Written by avengingoso

December 18, 2012
Just received this pen...
Verified Purchase
Just received this pen and my first perception of it was wow. It is aesthetically pleasing with rOtring's signature red ring around the barrel and the rOtring signature texturized finger/grip area. It feels good in the hand is is a smooth jet black writer. However,after further examination, it appears to take the blueprint of the Pilot Precise V5 and V7 Needle Rollerball Pens and take it to the next level, in design that is, performance no. Essentially the spiritual successor to the Pilot V ball. It writes as well, if not the same, as the Vball but for double the money, and i dont know if a disposible is worth $6.00. If you want a flashier version, of the top of the line, ever reliable Honda, but want to stay with the same design that you're used to, get the Lexus, in this case the Tikky.

December 18, 2012
The tikky fine liner...
Verified Purchase
The tikky fine liner . 7 writes like a dream. It feels nice in the hand and is perfectly balanced with the cap posted. The only thing that I don't like, is the gripping section. I was anticipating that it'd be soft and pliable from the description, it is not, it's a hard, molded,textured plastic. Not bad, but again not what I expected. The pen looks to cost twice as much as i paid for it, which is a plus. That being said, i don't know why rOtring went with print,which will wear off, instead of laser engraving on the barrel, like a sharpie stainless marker. It would've upped the wow factor of this pen. I've read the other comments about it not writing, this wasn't my case. Perhaps rOtring refined the ink, or maybe it's the .5 and below. I'll order some of those refills when my .7 runs out to be certain.

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February 8, 2012
I don't understand why...
I don't understand why the pen is potentially refillable(the cartridge does unscrew from the body), yet refills aren't sold on Jet-pens. It boggles the mind.

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September 30, 2011
This pen is on par or...
This pen is on par or dare I say, superior to the Rotring 600 Newton, with the knurled grip. I had to order a replacement from the U.K. after my previous one was stolen when my car was broken into. Why this pen is as elusive as Moby Dick is a mystery, it's not even on the Pentel site. Why-oh-why Jet Pens have you ceased to carry this marvelous writing implement?

July 20, 2011
This is such an awesome,...
Verified Purchase
This is such an awesome, hi-tech pen, it's actually more of a fine instrument. I feel like I can do super-extraordinary feats with it in hand. My previous one, the .7, with the blue nubs, was lost to me when my breif case was stolen from my car. Why oh why has Jet Pens discontinued this pen, but still carries the refills, is a mystery to me. I had to track another one down after scouring the net. It was very difficult to locate one, Ebay didn't even have any!!! Finally I located a replacement(.5) and ordered it from England. Hey, it cost me thirty bucks, but this pen is worth every penny.