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Very happy with this...
August 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
Very happy with this ink. I've had it appear very dark in a wet nib on a not so absorbent paper (Rhodia, et al) without losing it's greenness for the observant eye, through to a luscious forest green through a slightly drier nib on a more absorbent, less expensive paper. Flex nibs shade beautifully between the extremes.

Performance on lower quality papers has been fantastic for me, well behaved with no real line spreading, feathering or bleedthrough experienced.

Would happily recommend for lovers of green looking for something a little more restrained, or something that could be used in an office environment or wherever a typical colour would be a traditional blue or black.
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Not really what I'd call...
June 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
Not really what I'd call blue-black, more like a weak bluey-grey. I was hoping for a much bolder colour, similar to the Pilot/Namiki black with a little blue shading. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a decent review for this specific shade prior to trying it.

The ink seems to transfer itself to the paper in all the right ways, with no particular penchant for feathering, bleed through, drying out or any other bad habits. Maybe it helps to only be used with Pilot nibs, an obvious benefit of proprietary cartridges.

However, I won't be buying these again as I'm just not a fan of the colour. Fortunately I've a number of Pilot pens around the house, so maybe I can get someone else to use the rest of these cartridges...
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Simply fantastic. I'd...
May 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
Simply fantastic.

I'd read a few online reviews of this pen before buying, as I wasn't initially attracted to it's rather unexciting appearance. After all, without the in-person touch and feel, the appearance is all we really have to go on. However, it seemed there was nothing but overwhelming enthusiasm in these reviews, as if this pen were blessed with some sort of magical writing quality of the gods. So I gave it a go.

The value is exceptional; the box, the converter, the metal body, the nib, the design, all for ~$15. Granted the box may only be useful for a gift, the converter is maybe not great, the metal body most suitable for those who appreciate a little heft, the nib only offered in medium, and the aesthetic of the design is in the eye of the beholder. But when combined, the whole, for me, is much greater than the sum of these parts. To nitpick, I could probably do without the dotted insert, as it might as well play the minimalist theme all the way through.

Once filled with a little Diamine green, the writing experience was superb. The nib glides across whatever is put in front of it, fine papers or not, seemingly willing you on word after word after word. I particularly liked the weight of it, seemed to balance very well, and the simple tapering barrel fit well in all the right places.

The body to grip transition is perhaps a little abrupt, and as I hold somewhat high this step-down presses against my fingers, but it was not sufficient to cause an issue. Furthermore, I'd typically tend towards a finer nib but for some reason this pen/nib combination was quite pleasing - a little thick in places but the overall effect was nice. Perhaps I'm holding this pen in a slightly different way, I don't know.

Apologies if you find this simply another unashamedly enthusiastic review, but full marks to Pilot for this fantastic bit of kit.
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What can I say about...
May 10, 2013
Verified Purchase
What can I say about a pen that already has almost 200 reviews?

Well, I would agree it's a great little pen, perhaps most suitable for beginners, or maybe children, as a first fountain pen (the demonstrator aspect really helps with this as well). Or maybe just as a fun pen, or a little variety in the pen stable, a la Pilot Varsity.

One thing that should be noted, is that my copy was not at all Japanese Fine. With the shipped ink, I would say it's a touch thicker than a Pilot Medium nib, except when it feathers excessively (which it does on quite a lot of less-than-great-quality papers), in which case I find it unusable. Could be a real issue for someone switching from rollerballs who typically uses the cheaper office supply notebooks. Something to bear in mind.

Overall, hard to go wrong at this price. May not be suitable for everyone in every situation, but it's still a great little pen.
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