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Reviews Written by bg

May 11, 2012
Sorry, I made an error...
Sorry, I made an error in my Tradio review. I wrote "Of course, we would need to collect… well, I think that should be obvious. " Instead of "collect" I should have typed "name it..." Great way to spoil a punch line, eh? BG

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May 11, 2012
I find product reviews...
I find product reviews fascinating because the same product can receive such a wide range of ratings and impressions. Sometimes, it's almost impossible to account for the apparent discrepancy. With the Tradio there is little uncertainty about why so many may react so differently. The way we hold the pen and the way we apply pressure and move it across the page can vary so dramatically that no single mechanism for delivering ink to paper can please us all. What we really need in reviewing pens is some way of characterizing our respective writing “styles.” I'm not going to try to do that here. But I will say that this pen appeals to me for much the same reason that a Varsity does. Not its partial disposability, which I find sad, but the fact that I can grab it and write impulsively and rapidly without annoying skipping or excessive ink. I don't look for a wide range of line variation, but there is no question that I can get substantial variation if I write slowly. I don't write slowly.

Maybe these reviews would benefit if those of us who take the time to write them could make more explicit comparisons of the pen we are reviewing to those we find to be preferable. Who knows, maybe one day we can create a writing instrument genome the way Pandora is creating a music genome. Of course, we would need to collect… well, I think that should be obvious.


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January 14, 2012
I'm one of those people...
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I'm one of those people who tends to carry a bunch of pens. I'd like to say that it's so that I can always select just the right one for the occasion. Truth is, so many of them fail when I get the cap off that I'm just hedging my bets when I carry several. But I do believe that I could confidently reduce my armamentarium to a single pen by carrying only this one. And whether it's the nib or the ink or some combination of the two, it's the only pen that works each and every time on those shiny cash-register receipts you get in some restaurants, the ones that make you wish you were carrying a Sharpie.

Oh, and if you are looking for a pen that is safe at any angle in a jeans pocket, this is the one. No spontaneous in-pocket openings so far. I have pens costing 100 x as much about which I cannot make that claim.

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January 14, 2012
I've tried several inks...
Verified Purchase
I've tried several inks in these pens, including iroshizuku (tsuki-yo), and have not been pleased with any of them. They felt scratchy on several papers, flow was intermittent, and, though this is far more subjective, they were too light-weight for me. I also am not thrilled with the lack of a clip. I tend not to carry a briefcase or man-purse, so they were not great choices for the coat pocket, and that was my own short-sightedness in buying them.

Now, as regards cartridges and their availability, one of the reasons I tend to like most Pilot-Namiki products is the refill-ability of the cartridges. I'm partial to the dental irrigator for this purpose, but there are any number of syringe-like options. The mouth of the cartridge is so wide that even another pen with a converter can be used to refill them.

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