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Reviews Written by lorijeanh

September 2, 2012
I use these pens (along...
I use these pens (along with the other Gelly Rolls) for my art journals more than any other pens in my large stash of pens, many of which cost 3x as much. They've been my favorite for years and years, especially this "moonlight" variety, for their brilliance. If you ever have problems with skipping, search for my other review of the regular Gelly Roll Fine Black pen.

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September 2, 2012
Here's are some tricks...
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Here's are some tricks I've discovered that will help the skipping. First off, the skipping will typically happen for me when I haven't used a particular color for a while. Put a tiny drop of water on some sturdy scrap paper and slowly doodle in little circles within that droplet. You're getting the roller ball moist again. Do this for a solid minute. If it doesn't work immediately, try it up to 3 times.

If THAT doesn't work, start but running the the same pen over a very fine-grit sandpaper (I use the little pad of sand papers I keep with my colored pencils for this). You don't have to do it much, just enough so that you would be able to "scratch" off any dried, built-up ink stuck to the entire ball surface. Follow by rubbing the tip of the pen with a paper towel to get off any scratched off bits. Next, do the water drop thing.

If even those tricks together don't work, and the following has only failed for me twice in umpteen years, bang that pen into a thickish wad of paper. Yes, the roller ball tip. It COULD ruin the pen for good, but it could also be the jolt needed to get the ink flowing again. Besides, at this point you'd be pretty frustrated and ready to toss it in the trash anyway :)

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August 8, 2012
I've collected a number...
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I've collected a number of hand-held pencil sharpeners for my colored pencils over the years. This cheap, little gadget has become my absolute FAVORITE! I've decided to order a bunch to keep on hand for the future.

Soooooo happy Jet Pens carries these!

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June 21, 2012
I have to rank these...
I have to rank these up with the other Sakura gel ink pens ... my favorite pens thus far for mixed media. To get a "puffier" line, run the ink slooowly across your paper. After THOROGHLY dry (will take longer than regular Sakura gels), re-coat. I think it's $20 well spent. Seriously. While I'm giving them a 5-star rating, I have to add that my one and only gripe is that my favorite color, green, seems to die early. I've been through 2 of them. I'm about to order a double pkg of the green because it's a such a lovely color. I'll post another review after many uses :)

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