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Reviews Written by suncityphoto

September 13, 2013
I ordered a black pen...
Verified Purchase
I ordered a black pen after getting a clear one..the clear penmanship was/is great...however, the black model arrived with a cracked barrel. How disappointing. I hope it is just an abberation. The clear pen also seemed to be of a higher grade of seemed flimsy in comparison. Well let's see if JetPens provides me a replacement....I've grown somewhat tired of JetPens lack of customer are there any humans working at JetPens or just the automaton Elizabeth? In fact I've grown tired of Internet shopping altogether...oh well...

I wish I lived in a real city where there were actual stationary stores and you could go and test a pen or at least look at it in person....South Florida is sorely lacking in anything approaching a real stationary in NY, Chicago, LA or SF..and any other US city that has over 100 years in existence...have to move back to Brooklyn...(: in the digital age sometimes sucks.

September 9, 2013
I'm so happy with this...
Verified Purchase
I'm so happy with this pen! I got the EF and it is truly the finest line of ant FP Ive used. Not that Im a FP afecionado. I use the pen for sketching in a journal and I was pretty unhappy with the EF version of the Lamy Safari. Not having done sufficient research on the differences between European nibs and Japanese I learned EF in Germany is like Medium in Japan..but EF in Japan is like a crow quill nib dip pen! Really fine, just what I wanted.
I've had the pen for 3 hours so can't report on the durability but for starters I installed the sample cartridge and it wrote beautifully immediately. Perfect, no skipping, botching, etc., Ive only tested it on good Bristol so far but I'm pretty sure the ink in the Pilot cartridge will perform well on lesser paper. no bleeding, feathering so far. Dries really fast.
For this price?..I'm amazed. Ordering a few more.

Read other reviews here about scratchy nib..well, the is definately feed back from the nib but, it's still very smooth, writes perfect in all directions..punching, pulling, sideways..I'm use to dip pens so scratchiness is not an issue for me. In fact Infeel that you get better control with the scratchiness and that is perfect for drawing, inking lines.
Totally recommend this pen.

August 19, 2013
The converter is fine....
Verified Purchase
The converter is fine. Hard to fill it completely but that seems to be typical of converters. Or am I mis-informed or dipping my nib incorrectly?

Just a big "great" to JetPens though..their shipping is the best. Free expedited shipping thru USPS on orders of 25.00 or more. Amazing..I ordered Friday am and had my order Monday afternoon. Order on Amazon...25.00 an over..yes you get free shipping..but you also get the slowest available service possible. Fed Ex Smart post. This service sucks big time. Took Amazon 10 days to get my order into my hands of something shipped from one of their warehouses in Atlanta. I'm in Florida. 10 freaking days. If JetPens sold t shirts and could provide the level of service they do now they could dominate the world (: I don't own JetPens stock...are you a public company? Nor do I receive swag from JetPens. Just wanted to give them a huge thanks for awesome service and reasonable prices. It can be done!

August 19, 2013
Solid pen.very smooth...
Verified Purchase
Solid pen.very smooth EF nib. Loaded with Mont Blanc ink in converter. No leaking. Pen writes pretty "wet"...bleeds thru a standard Moleskine journal...but that's the ink I'm using..ill see how it works with a Noodler's.
I use the pen for inking in lines for pen & ink drawings...on Bristol plate and I love it for that..Also on watercolor paper..very smooth and good solid line. The nib does have the dreaded nib's not an issue for me..some folks complain about it.
It's an OK FP. Nothing leaking with the plastic converter so that's a plus..otherwise it's a nicely designed, hefty, rugged pen. Time will tell.

August 15, 2013
I love these things for...
Verified Purchase
I love these things for when i want to take drawing pencils, mechanical pens, fountain pens with me..for sketching outside or whatever. A soft pouch for your expensive pens and pencils. Pen Zen. Very cool. Kind of like an old jewelry pouch. I would say the original use of these was for makeup brushes. Sort of repurposed for pens. Some people complained that you can't clip the pen or mechanical pencil clip on it as the pouch part is a bit short for most pens/pencil clips to reach. Probably as it wasn't designed for that purpose. However hope that saki reads their customer gripes and makes the pouch a bit deeper for us pen people. It's not the most secure pen case obviously...if you are kinda rough on your stuff id look elsewhere. if you are careful and what..refined...i think you'll like this. Therefore I give it 4 not 5 stars.

August 15, 2013
Great super black ink....
Verified Purchase
Great super black ink. I mean opaque deep black. And waterproof. Can't hardly tell which is which compared to Dr Martins Black Star matte..awesome.

August 15, 2013
The tip is very very...
Verified Purchase
The tip is very very soft. Very light pressure is all that is required. Good for Asian characters calligraphic drawing. As I don't do that I'm wondering why I got this. (:
It makes great palm fronds and leaves. Ink is very black and waterproof..which is far that I've only tested it on cheap sketching paper and very slight bleed which I expected. I'm pretty sure on bristol or watercolor paper it will bleed less if any.
Leaves a nice rough edge and long pointy line if used in the right manner.
Seemed a little pricey compared to pilot and other versions but I generally like Pentel stuff so I went for it and many strong reviews of this pen.
If Asian influenced calligraphic drawing is your thing I believe this is an excellent tool. May also be good for filling in wide patches of black in pen & ink. The black ink cartridges are really black..compared to dr ph martins matte black which is great.

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August 3, 2013
These nibs are very smooth...
Verified Purchase
These nibs are very smooth on a variety of papers, even on heavily textured watercolor paper. Pretty amazing..can't really do that with any other G nib Ive used. I don't prep these nibs like others have said. They may have a coating for rust protection but with the inks I have used so far...Dr Martins Black Star Matte and Black Magic and W&N waterproof Indian Ink..fairly dense inks, the ink sticks to the nib pretty well.

August 2, 2013
Tachikawa nib holders...
Verified Purchase
Tachikawa nib holders are just really nice. Get a dozen.

August 2, 2013
Love these Tachikawa...
Verified Purchase
Love these Tachikawa nib holders. This one is great for crow quill sized nibs..maru, mapping, etc...perfect size.
For larger nibs..G pen, get the other larger Tachikawa with the grips.
I have at least 6 Tachikawa holders. The plastic bit that holds the nibs has been very reliable so far. I suppose after a while they will wear down but they won't create rust.
Still use some Generals and Kohinoors with the cork grips...has the metal bit to hold the nibs..still like those but for small crow quill size nibs these are better suited.

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