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I oogled all the pen...
August 31, 2013
Verified Purchase
I oogled all the pen cases on JetPens for ages before finally buying this Dark Green / Yellow one.

- Stands up well (I'm guessing the girl whose pen case fell over during exams did not fold the top back...or had a very tilted tiny-desk-attached-to-a-chair)
- In folded-over standing position, my Signo UM-151 pens and shorter Jetstream Standard pens could sit with tips up in the case *without* the nibs touching the sides, which was great so I could leave the uncapped pens in the case while I work and switch back and forth between pens. The similar Nomadic VS-01 Virgo cases don't fold down enough for that--you can see in the pictures that the pen nibs would touch the sides of the case while upright, thus potentially marking the interior of the case.
- It's great to not have my desk space cluttered with my various pens while working!

- Personally, I did not like this color combination. The green is more green than in the picture (aka less dark), the yellow is pretty accurate (slight orange hue, not a blindingly pure yellow). But together with the stiff design, I felt like it was very military, but ugly-military not pleasantly-natural-military. Obviously lots of reviewers like this color combo and you may be one of them, but I thought it was clashing. They could've chosen better tones of green and yellow.

Going to return and try again in Dark Blue / Blue. So yes, the good outweighed the bad, but not so much as to keep me from exchanging colors. :)
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