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Tombow Mono One Mini Twist Eraser - TOMBOW EH-SSM
  I love this eraser, but..., September 20, 2010
I love this eraser, but I wish that the cap was similar to the Kokuyo Kadokeshi mini twist version as I often misplace the cap! I love how the other end has a loop hole to attach a strap to it though.

This is the perfect mini version from the makers of the most perfect eraser ever (imho lol) - very portable, less dust, erases perfectly and twists away so that the eraser doesn't collect dirt. It also will not roll away from you since it has a plastic bump on the side. I am a big fan. I have all the colors as well!
Kokuyo KadoKeshi Stick Mini Twist Eraser - White - KOKUYO KESHI-HU600W
  The purpose of the corners..., September 20, 2010
The purpose of the corners are to make it easier to erase particular lines without accidentally erasing something else in the process.

I was lured to purchase this since I am a big fan of the 28-Corner Eraser version. I use my planner as a scrapbook/sketch book and needed something portable that doesn't collect dirt everywhere. I especially loved how the cap has a strap attached to it as opposed to the Tombo Mono One where you can loose the cap in an instant. However, this mini stick eraser is a bit too soft for my taste. I would be erasing something and the eraser would bend increasing the effort to erase a simple line. I love the concept and the cap for this particular mini twist eraser, but the Tombo Mini One Twist eraser is the best so far from my experience.
Rikagaku Dustless Chalk Holder - RIKAGAKU DC-CH
  Question: Are the people..., September 20, 2010
Question: Are the people who are reviewing using the Rikagaku Dustless Chalk for this holder? Or are you using standard chalk? It would probably slide if you are not using the chalk that the holder was made for.
Kum PenCut Pen-Style Scissors - Black - KUM 507.12.22 B
  I've actually been looking..., September 20, 2010
I've actually been looking for something like this for a long long time. Although it doesn't have a good fit in my hand with the flexible handles (Might take time to get used to as I have very skinny hands anyway), the point is _portability_. It does it's job and cuts VERY WELL. It's the perfect tool for people like me who bring their stationary with them everywhere ;)
Kokuyo Capara Mega Pencil Case - Wine Red - KOKUYO F-VBF120-2
  My new best friend! I..., September 20, 2010
My new best friend! I take my capara with me everywhere! This was an upgrade from my beloved retired monokuro boo pencil case. I needed an upgrade because my old case was shrinking (of course that's a joke - my pen collection was actually just getting bigger thanks to jetpens lol) I bought this after purchasing the navy capara case (my daughter fought me for it). I love it! It fits so much, yet it's not bulky at all!
Kokuyo Capara Mega Pencil Case - Dark Blue - KOKUYO F-VBF120-1
  This was an upgrade from..., September 20, 2010
This was an upgrade from my monokuro boo pencil case.. which by the way I adore, but needed more space as I carry my pens, color pencils, mechanical pencil, DS stylus (for a calligraphy game), compact scissors, tape-glue etc with me everywhere (I use my planner as a mini scrap book!). This cute little thing fits everything without being bulky! I bought another one (maroon color) because my little girl started to fight with me for it. They sell this same pencil case at the Kinokuniya (same city as jetpens) for $3 more! I love you jet pens!!! Not going to Kinokuniya anymore unless I'm desperate or need a book lol.
1 to 6 (of 6 )