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Rotring Rapidograph Pen - 0.13 mm - Black Ink - ROTRING 155013
  If you want super thin..., February 14, 2013
If you want super thin lines this is the pen for you (and me). My workhorse for doodling and detail work. Not so good for sketching because of the scratchiness of the needle-like point, though with the right paper you could make sketches happen. The strength of this pen is the cartridge system which gives a nice consistent flow of ink once you get it going. The biggest weaknesses are the cap and body which are plastic and will not hold up to abuse - like keeping it in your back pocket and sitting on it. The barrel is hollow so it will crack if over-tightened. The clip on the cap will come off with repeated use (I superglued mine back on).

This is a pen that requires some care: if you allow the ink to dry out then the point will clog permanently(I have tried using the various cleaning kits/solutions on my dried out points with no results). The good news is that if you draw everyday with it and flush it with water after every cartridge change it will reward you with about 1 - 2 years of faithful steady service. Make sure the cap is screwed on tight after every use - it has a tendency to come loose at the wrong moments.

Don't bother with the Koh-i-noor 0.13 mm (or even the 0.25 mm) - their ink delivery system is terrible resulting in poor/no flow and the tip is even scratchier than the Rotring. This is the best 0.13 mm pen. Ever.
Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pen - Pigment Ink - 005 - 0.3 mm - Black Ink - OHTO CFR-150GL005
  Finally, a durable liner..., October 21, 2012
Finally, a durable liner pen with waterproof ink even. One thing though, the pen I took on a recent plane trip has started to blob/leak out the vent hole above the point (hence minus one star). Other than that though this pen is great for sketching and fine line work.
Nomadic WL-25 Wise-Walker Multi Compartment Day Backpack - Gray - NOMADIC WL-25 GRAY
  I have been looking for..., August 26, 2012
I have been looking for a slightly bigger backpack than my Maxpedition Pygmy which at 20L is just right for everyday carry but is just a bit small for all the stuff I carry for sketching; A4 Molekskine, 9x12 watercolor pad, watercolor kit, 4x6 sketchbook, full-sized headphones, etc. The WL-25 can definitely handle all that with room to spare. The top outer pocket can just fit my Kindle along with a 4x6 sketchbook. The lower pocket is shallower so I use it for flat things. So far my only complaints are the lack of zipper pulls on all the zippers (they are on the three main compartments) and the sizing of the backpack straps being a bit narrow - I have to let the straps out quite a bit or else the pack sits too high on my back. Things I love: the orange lining (I hate black interiors), the light weight, well thought out pockets and lots of them. I took it out for a bike ride tonight and it seemed comfortable even fully loaded so I am happy with it. And yeah, no way I would put my 15" Macbook Pro in this. It might fit but only without a protective sleeve and the pack has no built-in protection for a laptop.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier Executive Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Silver Body - Black Ink - PILOT LCA-1SRC4-S
  Almost perfect. My favorite..., December 6, 2010
Almost perfect. My favorite pen (along with my Rotring Rapidograph .13mm) and the one that gets daily use for sketching and drawing. The ink is fairly water resistant - almost waterproof really - I lay a watercolor wash over most of my drawings and the ink will run a little if it is not completely dry. The only flaw in the design that I have found is that the barrel/cap wears out over time from repeated uncapping/capping so one of my pen's (my beloved red one) caps will not stay on tightly and will comes uncapped very easily and I end up getting stabbed by the needlepoint tip (I use the .3mm). Still worth every penny though. I wish the red/green/blues were available though.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Yellow Body - LAMY L18EF
  Plastic barrel snapped..., December 6, 2010
Plastic barrel snapped in half on me, so do not keep it in your back pocket. I do like that the ink flows smoothly (using Noodlers Inks anyways), the clip is strong, and it feels good in my hand. I find the extra fine nib writes more like a fine/medium.
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen - Size 005 - 0.2 mm - Black - SAKURA XSDK005-49
  Most overrated pen ever...., December 6, 2010
Most overrated pen ever. I have never had these pens last more than about 30 minutes of use. My last one lasted less than that and I was being particularly careful in using it only on smooth paper (Moleskine Cahier and Sketchbook) and using it with a very light touch. After about 20 minutes the point receded into the barrel to the point of being unusable. This has happened with every one of these pens in this size - I have killed about six of these. Well, no more. If you want a disposable pen that you will be disposing very soon then get one of these. Or better yet, take your $2.00 and throw it in the trash right now. Same result.
1 to 6 (of 6 )