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Reviews Written by b-zhong

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Ohto Super Promecha 1500P Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - OHTO PM-1505P
  I've seen this pencil..., December 17, 2008
I've seen this pencil in action, and I personally think is amazing. I new mechanism on a mech pencil is awesome; something never seen. This pencil was originally made for people who work on construction sites or tool sheds. Its built tough, for those who can handle it. :D
Pilot 2020 Shaker Super Grip Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Solid Color - Soft Blue - PILOT HFGP-20R-SL5
  I bought this pencil..., January 1, 2008
I bought this pencil (but not from this website, sorry) and it works great. It'll tend to jam once in a while, but it'll be fine if you keep shaking it. I bought this for $3.00 where I went, and the exact price shown on the page. All I gotta say is you must buy this. And if Light Blue is not your color, theres a bunch to choose from! (I like Blue =])
Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil - 0.7 mm - Soft Blue Body - Soft Blue Lead - PILOT HCR-197-SL
  I bought this pencil..., January 1, 2008
I bought this pencil before the blue one cause it was sold out =\ but I bought it soon after it was back in stock. Anyways, I'm gonna say the same for the Blue pencil, this is a great product, good for the money if your planning to stay on a budget, and it will not break as easily. For those who plan on saving money and find a pencil thats not so dull or boring as a gray one, then I would recommend this one (or the Blue one)! A must-buy!
Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil - 0.7 mm - Blue Body - Blue Lead - PILOT HCR-197-L
  I'd have to say this..., January 1, 2008
I'd have to say this is one of the BEST pencils I have ever use! Its not easy to break so you can write on for a looong time. Its not as good as those $15.00 pencils, excluding w/ color, but this pencil is good for the price! A must-buy! =]
1 to 4 (of 4 )