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I first bought this pen...
October 24, 2013
I first bought this pen a few years back out of curiosity, after being recommended it by a friend. My pen of choice is usually a Steadtler refillable technical pen (0.05), I have also used Tombow brush and Faber Castell Pitt pens but I don’t like that they are disposable and they don’t have a huge amount of line variation or give in the brush end.

I have recently revisted the Pentel's GFKP brush pen. It has a flexible brush tip and can be refilled with specially made ink cartridges which are relatively cheap and seem to last for ages. The pen gives a nice lush line with an easy variability. The ink is dark and waterproof and can handle watercolour and ink washes over the top. On some types of paper the ink can take slightly longer to dry when heavily applied, but I have found this to be more about the paper than the ink used in the GFKP. The pen is a great way to start practicing inking with a brush before buying an expensive sable brush. You will probably end up liking it so much you will not want to even pick up a sable brush at all.

If you have used the Pentel Aquash before, the GFKP pen is a lot more controlled and better for finer more accurate inking. I still like the Pentel Aquash, but I find them better for ink washes rather than detailed inking like the GFKP.
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