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Reviews Written by anan.vikki

November 29, 2013
First of all, this looks...
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First of all, this looks like a pen. It's even thinner and lighter than one, so it's easy to carry around and use. HOWEVER, the price is pretty expensive for it's use. This only and ONLY cuts paper. Nothing else. It'll break if you try to cut plastic or something thicker than that. If you're buying this solely for paper, then is easy and etc. Tape is fine too, but if you're using this for arts and craft, not so much. Don't waste your breath on it.

Plus, the blade is too small so you'll have to guess how and where it's going just like someone else said. Other than that, it's neat to have to carry around. It's good to cut packed boxes instead of using your keys, haha.

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September 20, 2013
Very convenient and very...
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Very convenient and very useful! The adhesive is strong, but you can still peel it once it's stuck if you peel is carefully. I gave it 4 stars, because sometimes the adhesive won't come off when I'm rolling the tape onto the paper. I don't know whether it naturally does that or if it's just the way I'm rolling it, but it's a waste.

Other than that, very handy and small enough to keep in your pocket. And it lasts very long or such a small thing too!

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September 20, 2013
I bought these scissors...
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I bought these scissors mainly because I read that it was non-stick, which it is, but now I just use it for everything! I have even finer scissors, but I use this pair for the fine details because I love it so much and it's easy to grip. Just a warning though, if you have rather large hands like me and you use it for a long period of time for arts and crafts, it's going to cause pain to your hands. At least, for me.