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I really enjoy using...
January 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
I really enjoy using this pen. The ink flows great and the pen is very smooth to write with. I need my writing/markings to stand out and be bold, and the 0.7mm does this easily. I no longer need to reach for different colored gel pens. The green ink, which I have little use for anyway, is not as bold as the other colors. I selected this pen because its weight and length were greater than comparable multi-pens. I was a little worried about the pen being too wide, but it feels comfortable and stable in my hand. The mechanics work smoothly; though, I have noticed that the active cartridge will retract with very little effort, causing accidental retraction as you hold the pen in your hand when not writing. Having a large variety of ink sizes and colors is a definite plus.

Great Pen!!
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