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I hesitated many months...
March 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
I hesitated many months before purchasing this. However, I am very glad that I got this.

When purchasing I am primarily concerned with durability and quality of design, and price is my last concern. I am willing to pay the price if it meets my needs above all other options.

I can say that this stapler has met and exceeded my expectations very well. It is simple, elegant and very functional and effective. I can look forward to needing no other staplers in the future. This one does it!

If you don't mind forking out the money, this one will satisfy your needs and also looks and feels great!

Reason for purchase: needed a stapler and to save space. I store a ton of powerpoints for classes, and the rounded staplers from standard staplers really increase the bulk of my files. This FLAT stapler was really impressive in how much space it saves without the bulk that normal staples cause.
I was shocked to find...
December 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was shocked to find how beautifully crafted these booklets are for the great price of $10! Super durable covers that seem to be very thinly laminated (water & tear resistance) and are just a steal for the price. Very smooth and work well with all types of writing instruments. You will want many more field notes booklets!
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