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Reviews Written by sexiievietbich

April 1, 2011
This pencil pouch is...
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This pencil pouch is really cheap and useful! I stuffed it to the max with 4 pens and 5 pencils. I love this pouch and I'm going to buy more.

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October 21, 2010
The pen is really pretty!...
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The pen is really pretty! Any size tip fits, but i recommend 4mm since the 3mm is really thin and kind of hard to write with. I hold pencils and pens closest to the tip so when I use the 3mm, the ink doesn't even show up on the paper.

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August 4, 2009
Ok,so my mom bought this...
Verified Purchase
Ok,so my mom bought this for my older brother for school and he gave me permission to "play" with it a little. When i highlighted some words, i thought "OMG this is not gonnna erase, the ink is too dark",but when i tried the eraser out, all of the highlighted section was GONE. For only $1.50, this is the best buy ever. I absolutely gaurantee that you won't be sorry you bought this.Buy this NOOOW!!!! =).

August 4, 2009
Ok so first off, i bought...
Verified Purchase
Ok so first off, i bought this pencil pouch for school because i have a lot of stuff and i need to b more organized. The pouch seems very "roomy" at first, but once you get it, it's not that big, and i found it kind of hard to try to fit a protractor in it. The price is fair,but you can find better. Um, well for the shipment, it says "usually in one business day",and it's true. I bought this pouch on Sunday,but that didnt count as one business day,so my order was processed on Monday, and finally i got it today [Tuesday].

July 24, 2009
This pencil is by far...
This pencil is by far one of the best shakers ever. JetPens has the lowest price too. The grip isnt as squishy as it seems tho.

July 21, 2009
I can\'t believe Jet...
I can\'t believe Jet Pens has this pen now. I actually bought this a while ago and the grip is so squishy. But my pen writes in black so i guess its just depends on the retail stores.