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Reviews Written by ohnobees

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Platinum Pro-Use Original 05 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Body - PLATINUM MSD-300B
  Nicely finished, minimal..., April 26, 2012
Nicely finished, minimal swirling in the sparkly blue plastic, and thicker around the middle than it seems in photos. It's fairly equivalent to the Pilot S3 in overall proportions, finish, and smoothness of operation, though more comfortable through the grip area. I appreciate the clean, slim spring clip, with no bulky tip to interfere with closing a hardbound sketchbook. It's a decent pencil, I'd say, but not quite as solid or precise as a Pentel P205 or a Zebra Drafix. The advance mechanism is a brass 3-jaw clutch, and the magazine tube is plastic. The lead grade indicator stays firmly in place, though the end cap seems ever so slightly too loose, much like the Pilot S3.
Kaweco Special AL Mini Lead Holder - 2 mm - Black Body - KAWECO 10000536
  Utterly delightful little..., March 20, 2012
Utterly delightful little sketching tool! Ergonomics are always subjective, but the stubbiness puts the cap right in the web of my thumb, while the taper begins right where it should to anchor gently against the spring of flesh. I carry a couple of cheap twist-style lead pointers I bought at a local college bookstore drafting supply section to keep it sharp, but any non-rotary pointer should work. This is a decently chunky pencil, very solid-feeling (all metal, inside and out), though surprisingly lightweight. This is instantly a classic pocket pencil.
Pentel PG5 Slim Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - PENTEL PG5-AD
  The PG5 is the real deal...., February 4, 2012
The PG5 is the real deal. It's the sort of no-nonsense drafting tool that would have been used to design the Viking Mars landers or the Voyager space probes. The advance mechanism and nosepiece are identical to the p205, but everything from there up is distinctly higher-grade and arguably worth the premium. The magazine tube is metal, about 3mm in diameter, and is securely stabilized on the top end by a snug, threaded plastic collar, to which is threaded the machined aluminum top piece, which retains the advance button with its long cleaning wire. No eraser, but come on, have some self respect and carry a quality click or block eraser. This is more Sharp Kerry grade than P205, though they all use essentially similar (and quite deservedly praised) mechanisms. The vintage-pencil nerd in me adores the old-fashioned "GRAPH PENCIL" stamped into the side of the barrel. The PG5 is well worth the price, and probably the best Pentel available from this retailer.
Kokuyo Will Stationery Actic Mini Pencil Case - Orange - KOKUYO F-WBF116YR
  Well made and pretty..., January 7, 2012
Well made and pretty much just what you're looking at, though the finish is very slightly sort of pearlescent, in a Tyvek-envelope sort of way. It's also not quite as tiny as one might expect, at least, until you try to put more than a couple of writing instruments in. It's completely stuffed at three Copic sketch markers, or five Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens. Of course, tinyness is why I got it, so I don't carry a giant arsenal around, but there's a bit more bulk than I'd expected. If you're interested in standing it on end, it's not particularly stable, owing to its size and accordant relative increase in effects of irregularities in the base.
Zebra Arbez Piirto Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - White - ZEBRA MA66-W
  This pencil would fit..., January 7, 2012
This pencil would fit right in at a certain affordable Swedish housewares superstore...
It's cheap and pretty, and that's about it. The clutch is 2-jaw plastic, similar to any other cheap bulk mechanical pencil. One click feeds 1mm at a time, which means one click is just too short, and two clicks out, you'll be breaking lead frequently. There's some squeaky play at the joint across the middle of the barrel, which is deceptively chunky, and pleasant to hold nonetheless.
Lend this pencil without fear; it is cute and disposable.
Uni KH-20 Hand Crank Pencil Sharpener - Red - UNI KH20.15
  Absolutely superb, flawless..., October 19, 2011
Absolutely superb, flawless points from this sharpener. The wood ends up so silky smooth you'd swear it was sanded. This looks small in photos, but it's actually fairly bulky (the cylindrical top portion has about the same proportions as a typical coffee mug) so this is for the desktop only. It makes me sad to have to leave it at home when I go out to draw, and I've never seen a portable twist sharpener that yields this nice a point. Red is the way to go here, as it's really quite striking.
Lamy Vista Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Clear Body & Chrome Clip - LAMY L12EF
  I've had mine for about..., May 4, 2011
I've had mine for about eight months now, and it seems to have settled for a consistently fat line, no matter what ink I have in it (using the converter. All parts seem well made, and the pen is comfortable to hold, though with the cap posted it seems rather ludicrously long, and even a bit top-heavy. I usually just clip the cap to my pocket or onto the rings of my sketchbook. Filling and cleaning are easy and uneventful. I honestly have no idea where they get off calling this "extra fine", because it would be at least a medium, or even broad, for my purposes. Others have had different experiences, though, so perhaps there is some inconsistency.
Sailor HighAce Neo Beginner's Fountain Pen - Steel Nib - Fine - Red Body - SAILOR 11-0116-230
  A truly fine line! This..., May 4, 2011
A truly fine line! This is a spectacular nib for drawing, loaded with a Sailor Nano ink cartridge. Runs tiny circles around my Lamy Vista EF...

The only faults I can find are that the pen feels fairly cheap overall for the price (seems more like it should be about $8-10, really), with slightly misaligned cosmetic trim on the cap that doesn't seem to affect performance or comfort in any way. The grip area can become slippery if your hand environment is on the moist side, but as the pen is so light, it's not likely to tumble out of your grip. Lastly, the red plastic is fairly dull compared to the photo, like Evil-Superman's cape in Superman III.

A little pricey at first, but the twinge evaporates the more you play with that superb line.
Pentel Graph 600 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Mint Green Body - PENTEL PG605-S
  I need to amend part..., May 4, 2011
I need to amend part of my review:
This does not appear to use the same mechanism as the Smash and Graph 1000, but it is rather essentially identical, save for cap, grip, and nosepiece, to the Graphgear 500. This one's the looker, but I think the Graphgear 500 is more comfortable to use, with its rounded edges and grippy knurling, as opposed to the square-profile step-downs to the sleeve on this model.
Paper Mate Precision Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Starter Set of 2 - SANFORD 1750545
  This pencil is quite..., March 29, 2011
This pencil is quite comfortable to use, with a thickish barrel balanced just above the last molded ring groove, so neutral to slightly forward bias. The plastic barrel is thick and weighty, and all the moving parts fit snugly and with surprisingly little wiggle. The magazine tube appears to be color-coded plastic, in this case brown for 0.5mm. The clutch is brass, 3 jaws, with a heavy collar and the weighty nosepiece screws into an unusual tension/compression type situation, rather like the Pentel P200 range. Lead advance is heavily sprung, a longish-feeling action with a meaty, solid click. Overall impression is of a sturdy, knockabout, everyday pencil that won't make you feel bad about leaving your fancier tools at home. I'm a professional artist, and I delight in using these puppies all day. I might even go so far as to say I've found My Pencil. Don't let the bubble-filling-standardized-test-supplies packaging fool you- these are serious tools. Get some better leads for it, though. The stuff inside and in the refill tube is scratchy and inconsistent...
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