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Palomino Blackwing Luxury Notebook - Medium - 5" x 8.25" - Writing (Lined) - 160 Pages (80 Sheets) - PALOMINO 103217
  THE REAL BEST ALTERNATIVE..., December 16, 2013
THE REAL BEST ALTERNATIVE TO MOLESKINE. This about my favorite notebook. The paper is excellent - gives no bleed-through with a variety of my fountain pens. The color is simple cream / off-white which looks good against a number of inks. Most importantly, the things lies flat really well when you open it to write so you can really use all the pages with equal aplomb. Nothing fancy here. No silly pocket thing at the back. No pages which tear out. Just quality. Down with Moleskine. The ruling in Moleskine is way too narrow. The paper is way too thin. The product is just over-priced. Go Palomino! (I also love the Rhodia webbie but Palomino is slightly cheaper and every bit as good in terms of paper with a bit wider ruling in the lines, which I like).
Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Black Body - LAMY L01EF
  Here's a little-known..., September 25, 2012
Here's a little-known fact about the Lamy 2000: for whatever reasons, this pen is relatively leak-proof at altitude. So while I wouldn't WRITE with it in an airplane, you actually can (and I have) travel with a partially full 2000 and not end up with a cap (or pocket) full of ink. A little extra design perk. Few fountain pens pass this test unless they are specifically designed to resist changes in air pressure.
Platinum Mini Ballpoint Pen with Capacitive Stylus - 0.5 mm - Shadow Metal Body - Black Ink - PLATINUM BWT-SM98
  I have found that having..., August 7, 2012
I have found that having the stylus pointer on the end of this pen means that the spring mechanism to extend and retract the ball point gives a little under pressure meaning that this doesn't work so well as a screen pointer. It tends to skip or make the screen think that you have double-tapped. But is super cute. Too bad it doesn't work better. Look for a stylus/pen combination with a removable cap to avoid the spring-mechanism problem...
Prismacolor Turquoise Non-Photo Drawing Leads - 2 mm - Blue - Pack of 12 - SANFORD 02192
  This is so-so because..., August 7, 2012
This is so-so because the clay content in this lead means that it doesn't really work with some kinds of lead holders. The best bet is one with a clamp mechanism, not one designed specifically for 2mm lead. I have one for 2mm lead and this lead just slips in the mechanism to where you can't use it. Works fine in a simpler, more universal lead holder with a clamp / claw mechanism to hold any size lead.
Midori Brass Bullet Pencil Holder - Brown - MIDORI 230839
  This has been a daily-use..., July 25, 2012
This has been a daily-use pencil for me for well over a month now. The best part is that the wooden pencil here is really beautiful and high-quality. It's so nice, in fact, that I only wish they made them in a LONGER version to use in a larger pencil holder. Plus, be aware that these pencils are a tad fatter than standard for US pencils, anyway. I found it easier to sharpen with a colored pencil sharpener. Otherwise, you end up sharpening to an elongated tip (because the barrel of the pencil is wider than a standard pencil in the US) which wastes quite a bit of the pencil. The fatter, colored-pencil sharpener opening lets you get a fine tip which is not so elongated. Also, as my brother commented when he saw this for the first time, "what is that? a pencil for someone who makes tons of mistakes?" The erasure is rather, shall we say, prominent. Kinda silly looking, really.
Stipula Calamo Fountain Pen Ink - 70 ml Bottle - Musk Green
  So, the bottle is awesome..., July 25, 2012
So, the bottle is awesome for storing the ink long-term and you get a LOT of ink here. The color on this baby really depends on the paper you use more than most inks I've used. It can be hard to tell this ink apart from black, and that's not really the point of buying spendy ink, is it? Even at best, that is, at its most green, it looks kind of pea-soupy, not the aged green that I was really hoping for. Overall, I'm kind of disappointed.
Zebra Mini T3 Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Silver Body - Blue Ink - ZEBRA T-3
  Yeah, clearly not a daily..., July 25, 2012
Yeah, clearly not a daily writer, right? But I get more compliments on this as a wallet pen than almost any other writing instrument I have. It fits perfectly into a wallet and is always ready for signing credit card receipts, etc. I have one that is going on something like eight years with the same cartridge for just signing stuff and quick notes, etc. There are lots of "wallet pens" that cost a ton more and I can't imagine they offer any advantage over this mighty mini.
Nomadic CB-01 Wise-Walker Multi Compartment Day Backpack - Black - NOMADIC ECB 01 BLACK
  This is a great medium-small..., July 5, 2011
This is a great medium-small bag that packs like a medium bag. Make no mistake: you will not get a ton of stuff in here. It is narrow, especially, so wide folders, big laptops, just won't go. But I got this bag because I was tired of getting sore shoulders from my messenger-style bags. This thing looks great and since it more-or-less organizes itself, your stuff stays put and accessible. I find that I can convert it quickly from a work-a-day bag to a week-end tote for outings with my three-year-old twins. The bottom pocket is especially nice for wet clothes or a change of clothes. I have also had it long enough to say it is plenty water-proof for decent downpours, even the zippers. My favorite feature is the wallet pocket. I hadn't expected to like it but it's as wide as the bag so I can keep my wallet in there plus kleenix and hand-wipes for the kids. The middle "accordion" dividers leave room on the side to stow my sunglasses case or a small umbrella. Yes, the water-bottle pockets are narrow and tight but they loosened up after a bit of use and get to be just fine so long as you don't plan on hauling any big-gulps in there. Also, the front accordion divider includes two well located but partially concealed pen loops, also nice. It's expensive, but there are lots of pseudo-tough, out-doors wannabe packs around in the US (North Face, etc.) so it's really great to have an option that is an unapologetic urban bag for office people who aren't pretending we go every weekend for extended day hikes over really rough terrain (although I can see that this bag would also be fine for that...).
Kokuyo Campus High Grade MIO Paper Notebook - A5 (5.8" X 8.3") - 24 Lines X 80 Sheets - Red Accents - KOKUYO NO-GG108A
  This paper is fantastic...., March 30, 2010
This paper is fantastic. I write exclusively with fountain pens and love small notebooks. I have used many different kinds and nothing compares to the smoothness of this paper, the quick dry time, everything. A wonderful experience.
1 to 9 (of 9 )